DIY Stamped Christmas Wrapping Paper

stamped wrapping paper

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Project Overview
  • Total Time: 1 - 2 hrs
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Estimated Cost: $5

When it comes to gift giving, the thought behind the gift is what people remember most. When handed a gift, people notice how it's presented. A gift that goes a step further with handmade, DIY-stamped gift wrap turns heads and makes the receiver feel a little more special.

This project is easy enough for a beginner, although it will require some whittling with a carving knife or crafting blade. Depending on how elaborate you want to get with your stamp design, it can take an hour or two. A young child can't do that part, but you can enlist a child to assist with the next part: the stamping, which children of all ages love to do.

Whether you like getting your DIY on or find yourself with a gift but no wrapping paper, this project is a fun and creative way to package your holiday presents. The hand-carved stamps create a unique pattern on simple kraft paper, a technique you can use repeatedly. You can customize this idea for any celebration or season, even after the holidays.

Before You Begin

Carving stamps is an art, but don't let that intimidate or discourage you from trying it. You can make stamps by carving erasers or even potatoes.

Children are often taught to start with potatoes cut in half; you can substitute potatoes, carrots, or even pieces of orange peel cut into the desired shape if you don't have erasers. You can conveniently source kraft paper in brown or white from crafting stores, office supply retailers, and online sites. And, if you don't have a stamp pad handy, you can also use acrylic, water-based, or finger paints as the inking medium.

With some basic materials that you may already have, along with a few simple techniques, you can dip a toe into the art of hand-carved stamps to test your skill. 

Gather materials to make your own wrapping paper
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What You'll Need

Equipment / Tools

  • Craft knife or stamp carving tool
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Tape


  • Plain pink eraser or blank stamp block
  • Kraft paper
  • Stamp pad
  • Ribbon


  1. Draw Your Stamp

    Start by using your pencil to lightly sketch your image onto your pink eraser. Holiday images, like trees, snowmen, snowflakes, reindeer, or ornaments are a perfect place to start. You may want to practice sketching your image a few times on scrap paper first.

    How to draw and carve a stamp
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  2. Trace the Outline

    Once your image is drawn, use your craft knife or carving tool to trace along the outline of your sketch carefully. If you're using a craft knife, slice into the eraser about halfway into the depth, ensuring not to cut the entire way through to the bottom.

    How to hand-carve a stamp for DIY wrapping paper
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  3. Cut Away Excess

    Begin cutting away the excess eraser on the outside of your sketch. Do this by slicing into the sides of the eraser, just up to the point where you traced the outline of your shape. Then use the craft knife or carving tool to dig away the excess so that your image becomes raised.

    How to hand-carve a stamp
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  4. Finish Cutting

    Continue using the same method to remove the remaining eraser from your image. Be careful as you work not to cut so deep that you cut away part of the image. Go slowly and just cut out small pieces at a time. You want to cut deep enough that no excess eraser is raised enough to get ink on it but not so deep that you cut through the eraser. This will make it easier to hold the stamp as you press it into the paper while stamping.

    Hand-carved stamp for DIY wrapping paper
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  5. Test the Stamp

    Test your creation on some scrap paper! Press the image face down onto your ink pad, then your kraft paper. Press evenly on the image and pull away the stamp.

    Hand-carved Christmas tree stamp
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  6. Stamp Your Paper

    Use the same stamping technique on your kraft paper. Predetermine your pattern to plan where and how many images you'll stamp. Here, the tree stamp was used in a staggered pattern, filling the wrapping paper nicely.


    If you feel like experimenting by stamping other found objects to make your patterns on paper, consider paper tubes, bubble wrap, and your fingerprints for making great non-stamp stamps. You can create unique patterns and designs from the most humble materials.

    How to make your own wrapping paper
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  7. Complete Stamping and Wrap

    Complete your stamped pattern, allow the ink to dry and set, and then wrap your gifts.

    Hand-stamped DIY wrapping paper
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  8. Give With Love

    Place your pretty, hand-stamped gift wrap under the tree or gift it to those you care about to spread holiday cheer.

    How to make DIY wrapping paper
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