10 Free Printable Gift Tag Templates and Designs

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Attaching a special gift tag to presents adds a personal touch to the gift. If you enjoy paper crafting or simply want a fun adornment for your gifts, these designs are sure to please.

All of these gift tag templates are free to download and print. While a few are designed for Christmas and the holiday season, others can work for any occasion. They each have a unique design and a little whimsy that you'll love.

The gift tags can be customized with your creative charm as well. While a few look great on a vintage brown cardstock, others are a perfect excuse to use your favorite scrapbook paper with modern patterns. The shapes are easy to cut out from paper or cardstock and you can use decorative edge scissors for a unique touch. They could also be used to embellish scrapbook pages, handmade cards, or other paper projects you're working on.


  • For blank templates, print the template onto scrap paper. Use the scrap as a template and transfer the design onto your good, quality cardstock or paper. This approach allows you to arrange the templates to make maximum use of your paper.
  • Store the printed templates in an envelope or file. You can use them for other projects and will always have them on hand for last-minute gift wrapping.
  • Use your favorite stamps to decorate the gift tags to match handmade cards or gift wrap.
  • Jazz up the gift tags by attaching them with bright ribbons or fancy yarns.
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    Black and White Gift Tags

    Black and white gift tags
    Collective Gen

    Very trendy, modern, and simple, the black and white gift tags from A Pair & A Spare offer the perfect minimalist design for all seasons. Whether you want to adorn a gift for the winter holidays or you're gifting "just because," these are special enough for that special someone.

    DIY Printable Gift Tags from Collective Gen

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    Snowflake Gift Tags

    Snowflake gift tags
    Practically Functional

    It's hard not to fall in love with the simple design of these snowflake gift tags from Practically Functional. If you have a Silhouette cutting machine, printing and cutting these tags is a breeze. Otherwise, the printable version offers a fun, if detailed, crafting project or you can simply leave them as minimalist line art.

    Snowflake Gift Tags from Practically Functional

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    Classic Gift Tags

    Classic DIY Gift Tag Template
    Jones Design Company

    Jones Design Company is known for beautiful custom stationery, but their design chops don't end there. These DIY gift tags show that classic doesn't have to be boring. Use your favorite patterned cardstock or paper for a colorful twist and follow the steps for designing your own tags. You could even use their gorgeous watercolor paper.

    Classic Gift Tags from Jones Design Company

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    Classic Christmas Gift Tags

    Classic Christmas gift tags
    Shanty 2 Chic

    The printable Christmas gift tags from Shanty 2 Chic are a must-have under the tree. They are filled with timeless design and plenty of whimsy. Print them on creme-colored cardstock and attach each with your favorite Christmas ribbon for a truly charming gift.

    Free Printable Gift Tags from Shanty 2 Chic

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    Cheeky Hand-Lettered Gift Tags

    Hand-lettered gift tags
    Persia Lou

    Persia Lou's printable hand-lettered gift tags are cheeky and fun. There are two color options, though you can also print them in black and white. With sayings like "No peeking" and "Merry Christmas ya filthy animal," you'll be sure to share a few laughs and spread the holiday cheer.

    Cheeky Hand-Lettered Gift Tags from Persia Lou

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    Handmade Gift Tags

    Printable gift tags
    Small + Friendly

    Whether you knit or crochet, make something fun in the kitchen, or tinker on special projects in the garage, your handmade gifts deserve a fun tag. Small + Friendly has a great set of printable gift tags that are perfect for any occasion. They're a little witty and tell the recipient right from the start that you made it (so they better like it).

    Handmade Gift Tags from Small + Friendly

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    Handmade With Love Gift Tags

    Rustic handmade gift tags
    Megmade With Love

    Sweet and simple, the "handmade with love" gift tags from Megmade With Love are fantastic on brown paper. The design has a homemade, rustic feel, which only adds to the love you put into making the gift itself. Better yet, these can be used year-round and each sheet of paper produces 12 tags, so they're perfect for any and all your handmade gifts.

    Handmade With Love Gift Tags from Megmade With Love

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    Honest Gift Tags

    Honest gift tags
    Bunny Peculiar

    With messages like "Spoiler alert! (It's not a pony)" and "Relax at least it's not underwear," your gifts are sure to give everyone a little chuckle. The "honest" gift tags from Bunny Peculiar are classy and funny. They have a chalkboard look and hand-written script and are a great way of saying what many people are thinking during a gift exchange.

    Honest Gift Tags from Bunny Peculiar

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    Airmail Gift Tags

    Airmail gift tags
    The Loveliest Little Details

    A touch of old-world charm can be found with these printables. The airmail gift tags from The Loveliest Little Details are unique and have a vintage feel. The design is stunning and meant to look like postcards from a century ago, complete with postage and hand-written notes. They're perfect for gifts any time of year.

    Airmail Gift Tags from The Loveliest Little Details

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    Animal Etching Gift Tags

    Animal gift tag with blue polka dot ribbon
    Decorator's Notebook

    Decorator's Notebook offers a set of stunning gift tags that may be intended for the holidays, but they'll work great for any occasion. You have to appreciate the detail in these British animal etchings that are available in color or black and white. It's a real artist's touch that will make your gift unforgettable.

    Animal Etching Gift Tags from Decorator's Notebook

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