Mushroom Mosaic Free Embroidery Pattern

Mushrooms are a unique and interesting part of the natural world. They come in so many different shapes, colors, and varieties, so it makes sense that they'd be a great addition to creative projects as well.

With this free mushroom embroidery pattern, you can practice a variety of stitches to create the look you want, and try almost any color combination you desire. The result is a pretty, fungi-filled embroidered mosaic that you can display in your craft room or can make a cute addition to a forest-themed nursery.

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    Embroider a Collection of Mushrooms

    Mushroom Mosaic Embroidery Pattern
    © Mollie Johanson

    If you enjoy observing, sketching or collecting things from nature, you'll love embroidering these mushrooms that form a circular mosaic. The free pattern is suitable for beginning and more advanced stitchers and is perfect for creating a woodland embroidery.

    The Mushroom Mosaic pattern would look great framed in a hoop or made into a wall hanging. It would also make ​a beautiful pillow, especially when stitched large and with beautiful threads on colored linen. 

    For a simpler project, choose one or two of the mushrooms and make a small item just as ​a sachet, a pin, or some felt patches

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    Mushroom Embroidery Sample

    Mushroom with Fill Stitching
    © Mollie Johanson

    There are lots of ways to stitch the mushrooms in this pattern, and you should feel free to be as creative as you wish, starting with the design itself. 

    While the Mushroom Mosaic is designed to be reminiscent of a mandala, each mushroom will work on its own. So really, there are eight distinct motifs within the circle. That means you can stitch one, form your own grouping or embroider the whole thing. 


    For a simple version, embroider everything with easy outline stitches and a few french or colonial knots

    If you are looking to really take some time and make a masterpiece, use fill stitching. The sample above features rows of chain stitch, satin stitch, long and short stitch as well as a bit of back stitch.

    When filling in the mushrooms, some details will disappear from the pattern as you stitch over them. Simply look to the pattern image as a guide.

    Colors and Thread

    Choose a palette of earthy colors for more realistic fungi, but don't feel limited by that. Mushrooms can be bright too and colorful too! You could even give your embroidery a fun and retro look with bold oranges, yellows, purples and more. 

    If you want a more subtle stitchery, try stitching all in one color, similar to redwork. You could work this all in red, or use a creamy taupe (similar to a mushroom) and stitch it on a darker fabric.

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    Downloadable Mushroom Mosaic Pattern

    Circular Mushroom Mosaic Pattern
    © Mollie Johanson

    To use this pattern, download the JPG and print it to fit a standard page. This will result in a design that fits in an 8-inch embroidery hoop. 

    If you want to embroider the mosaic larger, download the version that is ​one-quarter of the circle. This version should be printed at full size (or whatever size you'd like) and then rotated and repeated to form the full circle.

    The quarter circle version is also good for if you only want to stitch a single mushroom or a small collection of them. 

    Use your favorite transfer method. If you are doing the full mosaic, consider printing the pattern on water-soluble stabilizer, as it will cut down on tracing time. 

    Embroider the pattern with your favorite colors and stitches.

    Note: This pattern is copyright Mollie Johanson. You may use it for personal projects and to make items for sale in small quantities.