How to Make Paper Beads Tutorial With Free Template

Paper Beads Tutorial

Kate Pullen / The Spruce Crafts

Paper beads are simple to make, and a few rubber stamping techniques are all that is required to create beautiful and unusual beads. The basic technique can be adapted in many ways to achieve different effects. This is also an excellent way to use up odds and ends of the paper. Even the most unpromising looking paper can make beautiful beads. Check out this paper bead roundup for things to make with your newly completed beads.


You don't need to follow a template. However, a simple PDF printable paper bead template is offered here, if required. The paper bead template has been designed specifically for decorating with rubber stamping. Instead of tapering to a point, there is a small strip that is just wide enough to display some rubber stamping. By varying the size and shape of the paper, very different bead designs can be created.

What You'll Need

Equipment / Tools

  • Scissors
  • Thin knitting needle or cocktail sticks


  • Paper
  • Rubber stamps, inks, embossing powders, glitter glue, and any other embellishments
  • Craft adhesive
  • Diluted PVA glue to seal the beads (optional)


  1. Save the PDF Template

    Save the PDF template by right-clicking the image and then saving the file to your computer. Print onto your desired paper.

    Paper Bead Template
    Paper Bead Template Kate Pullen / The Spruce Crafts
  2. Stamp and Decorate the Paper

    Stamp and decorate the unprinted side of the paper, so the printed lines will not show. A rubber stamp with a detailed and intricate design will work well. Repeatedly stamp the rubber stamp over the page to build up a dense design. Cut the bead shapes from the paper.

    Stamp the Design
    Kate Pullen / The Spruce Crafts


    Ink the edges of the paper. This will emphasize the design of the bead and give a more "finished" effect.

  3. Roll the Paper

    Glue the back of the paper and carefully roll the bead. We used a thin knitting needle to roll the bead around, as this helps to give a consistent result. Cocktail sticks or other thin and round implements would work equally well.

    Roll the Bead
    Kate Pullen / The Spruce Crafts
  4. Seal the Paper Beads and Finish

    Make sure the end of the paper is firmly attached, adding an extra dab of glue if required. Leave the beads to one side to dry. Once dry, add any other finishing touches such as stick-on jewels or other embellishments.


    You can seal your paper beads with a coat of diluted PVA glue. This adds strength and gives the paper beads a slight gloss. They could also be finished with a coat of clear varnish, embossed with embossing powders or even coated in resin. Other ideas for sealing the finished beads include coating the beads in melted ultra thick embossing enamel (UTEE) or adding a coat of nail varnish.

    Paper Beads
    Kate Pullen / The Spruce Crafts

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