How to Make Handmade Cards with Rubber Stamps

Practice makes perfect
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Take a look through these articles that offer help and advice about making the perfect handmade card using rubber stamps. Here, you'll find articles that cover all aspects of greeting card making, from buying essential supplies through to how to make handmade cards for sale. Rubber stamping is a great way to make handmade cards and many techniques can be used to create lovely and unique handmade cards.

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    Handmade Greeting Card Tips

    Make great greeting cards
    Kate Pullen

    It is possible to create great greeting cards without the need for lots of special equipment and supplies. This article looks at some of the key features of making great greeting cards.

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    How to Make Great Handmade Cards

    This article explores how to make great handmade greeting cards. While this talks about making Christmas cards, many of the tips apply to all types of handmade cards.

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    How to Fold a Card

    Make a Crisp Fold
    Kate Pullen

    The key to a great looking handmade card is making sure that you get a good crisp fold. This one simple thing can make a big difference to a card.

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    Standard Sizes of Cards

    A single sheet of cardstock can produce many different sized cards. Find out how to make the most from a single sheet of cardstock.

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    Buy Cheap Card to Make Handmade Cards with Rubber Stamps

    Buying low cost cards to make greeting cards
    Kate Pullen

    Card blanks and card stock are at the heart of every handmade card! Cheap needn't mean poor quality and this article has some useful tips for buying and using ​a low priced card. This is useful for anyone looking to make rubber stamped handmade cards on a budget.

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    Buy Low Cost Inks to Make Cheap Handmade Cards

    Inks are an essential part of rubber stampng
    Kate Pullen

    Inks are an essential part of making greeting cards with rubber stamps. When making handmade greeting cards on a budget then getting the best value possible when purchasing ink and ink pads is essential.

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    Buying Stamps for Card Making - Tips for Buying Low Cost Stamps

    Buying low cost stamps to make handmade cards
    Kate Pullen

    Rubber stamps are perfect for making handmade cards. Even complete beginners can create lovely handmade cards with a minimum of special knowledge or materials. There are so many different types of rubber stamp available that there is bound to be the perfect stamp for every occasion.

    With so many different types of stamp available, the cost of buying rubber stamps can soon add up! Here are some tips and advice to help you find and buy low-cost stamps.

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    How to Add Stitching to Handmade Cards

    Add Stitching to Handmade Cards
    Kate Pullen

    Hand stitching is a great way to add texture and design to a handmade card. Hand stitching is a good alternative to machine stitching. A few simple stitches can make all the difference to a handmade card and add a lovely handcrafted finishing touch.

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    Sentiments for Handmade Cards

    Handmade card sentiments
    Kate Pullen

    Greeting card sentiments can add a special personal touch to a handmade card. Finding the right sentiment for a greeting card, however, can sometimes be difficult! We have a growing list of greeting card sentiment ideas for every occasion.

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    How to Sell Handmade Cards

    Whether you want to sell just a couple of rubber stamped handmade cards or start a small business, there are many things to consider. This article looks at some of the key aspects of selling handmade cards.

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    How to Price Handmade Cards

    Getting the price right when selling handmade cards can make the difference between success and failure. If the prices are too high the cards may not sell, if they are too low then there might not be enough money to cover the costs and overheads. Finding the right price requires a little forward planning.

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    List of Rubber Stamping Companies with an Angel Policy

    If you are going to make and sell handmade cards then knowing about Angel Policies is very important. This list explains the Angel Policy of over 50 rubber stamping companies.