8 Easy Thanksgiving Table Decorations Kids Can Make

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Thanksgiving is a festive holiday where families gather together to express gratitude. It's also a great time to involve your kids in the celebration by incorporating their creative designs into the dinner table layout. These easy centerpieces and placeholders can be made with just a little direction from mom or dad, as well as a quick trip to the craft supply store. If you're entertaining guests at a large table, have the kids duplicate their creations and spread them out among candles and other seasonal items.

You can also make decorations together ahead of time, and then take them along to brighten your host's table, if you are attending dinner as a guest. This thoughtful gesture reinforces the meaning of gratitude during the Thanksgiving holiday.

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    Thanksgiving Centerpiece

    The Easiest Thanksgiving Centerpiece
    Make and Takes

    This easy Thanksgiving centerpiece involves simply pouring unpopped popcorn into a vase, and then placing a candle in the middle. If you have a large table, consider making a few centerpieces and dispersing them among small pumpkins or other seasonal items. Use glasses and candles of varying sizes to add some variety. After the party, gift a candle to each guest as a keepsake.

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    Turkey Gourds

    Gourd Turkeys
    Design Improvised

    Bring your kids' silly personalities to the Thanksgiving table with these goofy turkey gourds. This craft can be tackled by simply adding colorful feathers and googly eyes to a gourd using a hot glue gun. Have your kids give each turkey a distinct look, and consider making one for each place setting to round out the table.

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    Chocolate Covered Pretzels

    Chocolate Covered Pretzels
    Inside BruCrew Life

    Chocolate-covered pretzels turn a simple Thanksgiving centerpiece into something yummy that your family can make together. This craft involves covering pretzel sticks in chocolate and colored sprinkles, and then sticking them into a vase filled with chocolate-covered raisins. Dress the vase with a beak and some eyes for a funny-looking turkey centerpiece. After dinner, grab one of the turkey's feathers and eat it for dessert.

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    Silly Thanksgiving Turkeys

    Silly Thanksgiving Turkeys

    This Thanksgiving turkey bag project will give the kids something to keep them busy while you're making dinner. Make a few to use as centerpieces or as favor bags for your guests. If you plan to have assigned seats at your Thanksgiving table, this craft doubles as a placeholder. Make one for each guest, and then write their name on the bag and place it at their table setting.

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    DIY Confetti-Stuffed Turkey

    Confetti-stuffed paper turkey
    Studio DIY

    Colorful and trendy, this DIY confetti-stuffed turkey centerpiece is meant to wow your guests, Plus, it's tons of fun to make along with your kids. You'll need a few supplies at the craft store to pull this one off, like white lunch bags, pink tissue paper, confetti, and a hot glue gun. If you are feeling especially crafty, make extra turkey legs filled with confetti to put at each place setting.

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    Paper Pumpkin Centerpiece

    Paper Pumpkin Centerpiece
    Craftaholics Anonymous

    Use patterned fall scrapbook paper to craft these paper pumpkin ​centerpieces. The kids may need some supervision, as this craft requires cutting small strips of paper and circles with scissors, and then gluing them together with a hot glue gun. The basket-shaped pumpkins will each have their own nuances. (Don't try to strive for perfection!) Your guests will enjoy their individualized place setting, complete with this crafty creation.

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    Milk Bottle Thanksgiving Centerpiece

    THANKS Centerpiece
    Birds and Blooms

    This last-minute Thanksgiving centerpiece idea uses supplies you may already have in your home. Milk bottles, vases, or Mason jars work well here, filled with popcorn, lentils, split peas, and rice. Gather your candles, some ribbon, and construction paper for the cutout letters, and then make this family craft together with your kids.

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    Paper Fan Turkey

    Paper Fan Turkey
    A Girl and a Glue Gun

    This cute paper fan turkey can be made by using festive colored cardstock or construction paper and folding it into fans. Your little ones are going to love making the fans, gluing them together, and then attaching them to the body of the turkey. These little turkeys make perfect placeholders for your Thanksgiving table. If you have extra time and paper, make a few turkeys to place around the house, as well.

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    Silverware Bags

    Silverware bags


    Silverware bags, made from upcycled lunch bags, add a seasonal vibe to each place setting. Kids can create leaf imprints by gathering different-shaped leaves and rubbing them onto origami paper with crayons. Adhere a few leaves to each bag and tuck the silverware inside as you would in a napkin fold.

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    Leaf Place Mats

    Leaf placemats

    This Reading Mama

    Leaf placemats can be used to add an educational touch to the Thanksgiving dinner table. Make sure to gather colorful leaves after they have just fallen, and then have your kids place them between two sheets of sticky contact paper. After the mats are made, the kids can label the different types of leaves with a marker, and then use the mats as a conversation starter at dinner to show what they've learned.

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    Gourd Centerpiece

    Colorful gourd centerpiece


    Child-made table decorations can be sophisticated too. This gourd centerpiece allows kids to break out their paintbrush and paint white mini gourds in seasonal hues. Choose shades of yellow and orange, and then have the kids arrange them in an artful way among candles and fresh herbs. When the night is over, gift a colorful gourd to each attendee to enjoy at home.

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    Pumpkin Pie Thanksgiving Garland

    Pumpkin pie garland

    Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss

    Sure, garlands can be hung by the fireplace, but they can also be used as runners on a table. Only a few supplies are needed to create this pumpkin pie garland (or table runner): orange and tan felt, baking twine, and white pompoms or wired chenille (you can also use cotton balls in a pinch). Just assemble the pie with a hot glue gun, attach it to the string, and top it with whipped cream. Make the garland long enough to meander around the center of the table, and then top off the display with a few candles in between.

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