23 Funny Cross Stitch Patterns

Adulting Is Hard cross stitch

 That Stitch Shop

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    Stitch Up Some Laughs

    Adulting Is Hard stitching pattern
    That Stitch Shop

    If you're looking for a laugh, these cross stitch patterns have a good sense of humor. From funny and sarcastic jokes to witty puns, you'll find something to make you chuckle as you stitch.

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    RIP Mix Tape

    RIP Mix Tape cross stitch patter
    Mind the Circle

    If you grew up when mix tapes were popular, you know that arranging the songs was a labor of love. Here's a pattern that pays homage to the ill-fated mix tape. 

    RIP Mix Tape from Mind the Circle

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    Guess What?

    Guess what cross stitch pattern
    Craft Time in Arkam

    This cheeky pattern will bring smiles and look great in a hoop, hanging in a rustic farmhouse-style kitchen or house barn. It makes a perfect gift for anyone who raises chickens. 

    Guess What from Craft Time in Arkam 

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    Adulting Is Hard

    Adulting Is Hard cross stitch pattern
    That Stitch Shop

    If you've been living on your own for some time, you likely know that "adulting" is not all it's cracked up to be. Bills, work, and traffic can zap the fun out of being a gown-up. Hang up this fun cross stitch pattern to help ease the pain.
    Adulting Is Hard from That Stitch Shop 

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    I Meant to Say It

    I Meant to Say It cross stitch pattern
    One of a Kind Baby Design

    If you bite your tongue often, then this cross stitch pattern is for you. Find the humor in your forwardness, and hang this piece with pride. 

    I Meant to Say It from One of a Kind Baby Design

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    Dogs Welcome

    Dogs Welcome cross stitch pattern
    Grandma Girl Designs

    Calling all dog lovers! This pattern would look great as part of a wreath or a door hanging to let the world know your favorite type of company. 

    Dogs Welcome from Grandma Girl Designs 

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    Urge to Clean

    Urge To Clean cross stitch
    Cowbell Cross Stitch

    No need to clean the house when you can cross stitch the day away. Celebrate the dust bunny diva in all of us with this sassy pattern. For some bonus points, make a pillow with the design so it can be used to avoid scrubbing while lounging on the couch. 

    Urge to Clean from​ Cowbell Cross Stitch

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    You Look Funny

    You Look Funny cross stitch pattern
    Stitchery Stitch

    This pattern is a great way to play a prank on your friends. Display this project proudly in a place where you can see your guests turn their heads to read this funny sampler. 

    You Look Funny from Stitchery Stitch

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    No Drama Llama

    No Drama Llama cross stitch pattern
    Cross Stitch with Art

    If there's one thing everyone can agree on, it's that drama is not fun. Make your home or office a conflict-free zone with this drama-defying llama cross stitch pattern. It's fun but still definitely gets the point across. 

    No Drama Llama from Cross Stitch with Art

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    Life Gives You Lemons

    Life Gives You Lemons cross stitch
    Spruce Craft Co.

    If you (or a friend) are going through a challenging time, this cross stitch wall hanging may help to find the humor in even the toughest situations. This lighthearted pattern would fit nicely into a cute retro yellow or red kitchen. 

    Life Gives You Lemons from Spruce Craft Co

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    Cross Stitch Achievement Unlocked

    Cross Stitch Achievement Unlocked cross stitch
    Subversive Cross Stitch

    If you're a cross-stitching machine, you can make your skills known with this "Cross Stitch Achievement Unlocked" pattern. It's a challenging project for beginners that will bring a sense of pride upon completion. 

    Cross Stitch Achievement Unlocked from Subversive Cross Stitch 

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    If Someone Actually Loved You

    If Someone Actually Loved You cross stitch
    Craft With Cartwright

    If Valentine's Day is your least favorite holiday, you may find this anti-Valentine cross stitch pattern to be funny and snarky at the same time. Turn this project into a sachet or wall hanging to remind someone how special they are. 

    If Someone Actually Loved You from Craft With Cartwright 

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    Welcome to Adulthood

    Welcome to Adulthood cross stitch
    Snarky Art Company

    No matter what adult life has to offer, make sure there is ibuprofen involved to stay sane. This pattern would be fun as a gift for first-time homeowners or on a card for new parents.

    Welcome to Adulthood from Snarky Art Company

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    One Cat Short of Crazy

    One Cat Short of Crazy
    For Stitches and Giggles

    We all know someone who is one cat short of being the crazy cat lady. Perhaps that person is you—if so, you need to cross stitch this fun and easy pattern that's perfect for beginners. 

    One Cat Short of Crazy from For Stitches and Giggles

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    Get Down With My Bad Self

    Get Down With My Bad Self cross stitch
    Dollface Embroidery

    If you have those days that you want to show the world your sassy side, why not save your energy and stitch it up instead with this funny blurb. Cross stitch this pattern on a laundry bag or frame it with a hoop and hang it in your laundry room. 

    Get Down with My Bad Self from Dollface Embroidery

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    Never Laugh

    Never Laugh cross stitch
    Kincavel Krosses

    If you have a partner that makes fun of your choices in life, remind them that they were one of those choices. As a matter of fact, cross stitch this pattern to give to them the next time they diss your clothing or taste in music. 

    Never Laugh from Kincavel Krosses

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    Vapid Fluff

    Vapid Fluff cross stitch
    Subversive Stitching

    Pairing funny snarky quotes with cute kittens makes for lots of laughs. This adorable cross stitch pattern is quick and easy for any level of stitcher. 

    Vapid Fluff from Subversive Stitching

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    Woot cross stitch
    Plum Street Samplers

    Traditional patterns do not need to be boring when you mix primitive style with a fun word or saying. Pair this pattern with a wreath to welcome family or friends. It also makes a creative topper for a jewelry box

    Woot from Plum Street Samplers 

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    Crabby but Cute

    Crappy But Cute cross stitch
    Daily Cross Stitch

    If you know someone who is crabby but cute, they will need this sampler in their lives. This crabby cross stitch looks adorable on a child's blanket or onesie. It would also look nice framed in a hoop with shells around it as decor for a beach house. 

    Crabby but Cute from Daily Cross Stitch

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    Bring Me Coffee

    Bring Me Coffee cross stitch
    Plum Street Samplers

    Some people can not function without coffee. This primitive pattern combines the gravestones of long ago with the humor of today's caffeine culture. 

    Bring Me Coffee from Plum Street Samplers

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    World's Alrightest Friend

    World's Alrightest Friend cross stitch
    Stitches Q

    We're always giving shoutouts to our best friends, but the friends who are just "alright" need a little love, too. Show that middle friend that they matter with this pattern for the "World's Alrightest Friend."

    World's Alrightest Friend from Stitches Q

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    Ain't No Party

    Ain't No Party cross stitch
    Stitchy Little Fox

    Introverts will get a laugh from this pattern—it's the perfect sampler for those who enjoy a party of one.

    Ain't No Party from Stitchy Little Fox 

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    Life is Short

    Life Is Short cross stitch
    My Lovely Cross Stitch

    Corgi owners will love this "Life is Short" sampler. It's a fun and cute way to celebrate life and all that comes with it. This pattern would make an adorable pillow or wall hanging. 

    Life is Short from My Lovely Cross Stitch

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    Guest Towel

    Guest Towel cross stitch
    The Compass Needle

    Show off your fancy and funny side with cross stitched guest towels. This is a quick and easy project that makes a great gift for newlyweds or new home owners.

    Guest Towel from The Compass Needle