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Who doesn't like free? It is the best price of them all. The internet is a great place to find free cross stitch patterns. You can find just about any pattern at any skill level. The one thing to remember is to be respectful of the person who created the pattern and follow their guidelines about sharing and selling. You certainly want to follow proper etiquette and rules. The patterns below are just a few of the thousands of free patterns floating around. 

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    Cross Stitch Pattern.Net

    Are you looking for a variety of absolutely free patterns and no strings attached? Then look no further than Cross Stitch Pattern.Net. Their patterns are 100 percent completely free. All you have to do is find the pattern you want and hit the download button. Their projects run from very simple two-hour projects to ones that will take longer and are more complex.

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     If you haven't checked out Pinterest yet, what are you waiting for? It seems to have taken over the world. Pinterest is a great place to check out free and for sale cross stitch patterns. There is one problem with patterns on Pinterest, and that's people will post and pin patterns that are not free. They will scan them from magazines or post the pattern they bought. Be aware that some patterns that say free aren't; you can usually tell which ones are which.

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    Amanda's Designs

     Amanda Gregory's blog is full of awesome free patterns. They range from simple patterns for the novice to more advanced for the seasoned stitcher. She has a series of women in hats that hints of a vintage style. Besides her free patterns, she does have an Etsy shop that includes beautiful flower patterns for seat cushions.

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    The Maroettes Nathalie

    This blog is a bit older, but the patterns are still in style and super cute. You can download different projects in a variety of languages. There are several completed SAL's that you can stitch up. They also have tips on stitching and other fun items on the website.

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    Alita Designs

    Alita Designs is a personal website with free patterns that include motifs, religious symbols, animals, and flowers, among other images. The Facebook page is also great for new releases and downloads. Their mermaid and seahorse pattern are two favorites, and with nautical themes being so hot, you can create instant decor with just a few stitches.