12 DIY Free Nightstand Plans

Illustration of a nightstand being built

The Spruce / Ellen Lindner

These free nightstand table plans have everything you need to build a complete bedside table to keep everything you need at reach. Building instructions, diagrams, and color photos take you through each step of building one.

There are many different styles of nightstand plans below ranging from the rustic to the contemporary. They come in a wide variety of styles and many of the plans can easily be tweaked to make the nightstand truly your own.

Build one of these bedside tables and you'll have a useful piece of furniture that you can pass on to your children and them to theirs. Complete the look with a hand built dresser using one of these free dresser plans.

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    Owens Nightstand Plan

    Picture of a nightstand with a lamp in a bedroom

    Ana White

    You can use this plan from Ana White to build a very attractive nightstand. It ends up standing 22" tall, 20" wide, and protruding nearly 18" from the wall.

    All the information for assembling this project is included in Ana's plan, with tips, plenty of detail, and illustrations describing each and every piece and their dimensions. There's also a full shopping list and cut list so you can be 100% prepared before getting started.

    Owens Nightstand Plan from Ana White

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    Sliding Barn Door Nightstand Plan

    A DIY nightstand featuring a sliding barn door

    Shanty 2 Chic

    If you are a fan of farmhouse decor, you're going to love this DIY nightstand plan from Shanty 2 Chic.

    This nightstand features a small sliding barn door gives you both closed and open storage. A solid top and a strong base make this a nice piece of furniture for any bedroom in your home.

    Colored photos and written instructions will help you to build this beautiful piece of furniture. 

    Sliding Barn Door Nightstand Plan from Shanty 2 Chic

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    How to Build a Nightstand

    Picture of two nightstands next to a matching dresser

     Jen Woodhouse

    Another wonderful nightstand project can be had at The House of Wood. There's a 30" long drawer at the top of this nightstand with two shelves below it.

    Also in there are some different close-up views of the nightstand that should help you when assembling it.

    How to Build a Nightstand from Jen Woodhouse

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    Tapered Leg Bachelors Chest Nightstand Plan

    Picture of a white nightstand with a clock and lamp

    Pneumatic Addict

    With the right finish, this nightstand can turn out very nice. It has two large drawers and a tabletop around 29" long. The whole nightstand stands around 28" off the ground.

    Plenty of detailed written instructions, actual construction photos, and illustrations are given in this plan to make it that much easier to understand.

    Tapered Leg Bachelors Chest Nightstand Plan from Pneumatic Addict

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    Simpson Nightstand Plan

    A wooden night stand with a drawer and shelf

    Rogue Engineer

    Get the best of both design and function with this free DIY nightstand plan from Rogue Engineer. The design features a tabletop extension, a drawer, and an open shelf. Stylish yet simple X's on the sides complete the look. 

    You can get this plan for free which includes color photos, diagrams, required tools list, materials list, and step-by-step building instructions. 

    Simpson Nightstand Plan from Rogue Engineer

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    Nightstand Plan With a Locking Secret Drawer

    Picture of a nightstand with a hidden drawer

    Instructables Living

    Quite different from the other nightstands in this list, this one has three regular drawers but also a hidden drawer that uses a locking mechanism to keep its contents secure.

    Designing this bedside table likely required a bit more effort than for a simple one with regular drawers, so building it may also show to be a little more difficult.

    Nightstand Plan With a Locking Secret Drawer from Instructables Living

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    Free Floating Nightstand Plan

    Picture of a floating nightstand

    My Love 2 Create

    Why build a bedside table with legs when you can have it float right next to your bed! Because you can adjust precisely where it goes, this nightstand can be at the perfect reach from your bed.

    With some tinkering and proper placement, you may even be able to hide electronics cords on the underside of the nightstand for a more clean and concise look.

    Free Floating Nightstand Plan from My Love 2 Create

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    Simple and Modern Nightstand Plan

    Illustration of a nightstand

    More Like Home

    This nightstand is like some of the others ​on this list and should be simple to piece together. There are two legs made from a total of six cuts and then a rectangle with one open side - how hard could that be!

    The cuts that are required for this bedside table are given for you so you can make and label them with the same letters given in the plan details. Then, when putting the pieces together, the instructions call for specific letters so that you can easily understand how the parts fit together.

    There are several illustrations along the way to guide you through the whole project.

    Simple and Modern Nightstand Plan from More Like Home

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    Mid Century Modern Side Table

    Picture of a nightstand with a drawer and plant

    Rogue Engineer

    I like this nightstand plan because it's like a mixture of the two previous plans from the first page of this list- you get the drawer for some privacy and to hide clutter, but you also have an open shelf for quick access.

    There are several assembly photos and illustrations with clear dimensions to help you put this modern bedside table together.

    Mid Century Modern Side Table from Rogue Engineer

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    Free Modern Nightstand Plan

    Illustration of a white nightstand

    Designs by Studio C

    This smooth bedside table from Designs by Studio C should be easy enough to build given that the plan instructions are super simple to follow.

    As you can see in the picture, there are two drawers in this nightstand and there's nothing else too fancy that should be difficult to construct. It's basically just a box that's open on one side for some drawers, but it still manages to look super nice.

    All the materials, tools, and lumber are listed out for you so you can be sure you have all that's needed to build the table. There's also a cut list that outlines all the different pieces you'll need to make.

    Free Modern Nightstand Plan from Designs by Studio C

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    Free Nightstand Plan

    Illustration of a white and brown nightstand with a drawer

    More Like Home

    This is another nightstand plan from More Like Home, and it's pretty similar in design to the other one in this list but instead has a drawer and tapered legs.

    Before getting started, look through the shopping list at the top of the plan to be sure you can gather all the materials for the nightstand.

    Free Nightstand Plan from More Like Home

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    Cassidy Mini Nightstand Plan

    Illustration of a nightstand

    The Design Confidential

    This particular nightstand plan from The Design Confidential definitely uses a more basic design, but that may be exactly what you're looking for in a bedside table.

    The nightstand is a square that's 20" by 20" inches and stands 17" off the ground. It's estimated that this nightstand should cost you between $25 and $75, but that hinges entirely on whether or not you already have the necessary supplies.

    Cassidy Mini Nightstand Plan from The Design Confidential