13 Free DIY Farmhouse Table Plans

Illustration of a farmhouse table

The Spruce / Ellen Lindner 

Building a farmhouse table is a fairly straightforward project that even a beginner can handle. These plans include cut lists, material lists, diagrams, photos, and written instructions so you can tackle the project and come out with a great looking handmade table at the end.

Use one of these free farmhouse table plans to build a kitchen table that will put your home to the top of the style list. These are so in style right now and you can save a ton of money by building one yourself.

These farmhouse table plans are all a little bit different so be sure to look through them all. They come in a variety of sizes and they all have details that you can add to make them uniquely yours. If a farmhouse table isn't exactly what you are after maybe a dining room table that's more on the contemporary side will pique your interest.

If you like these free woodworking plans, you may also like ones for building a home bar ​or coffee table.

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    Free Farmhouse Dining Table Plan

    A farmhouse table with mismatched chairs

    Decor and the Dog

    This particular farmhouse table from Decor and the Dog ends up standing 29 inches off the ground, is 96 inches long, and will be 42 inches wide when completed.

    The instructions for this farmhouse table are easy to follow because the plan shows up close illustrations and dimensions alongside the steps, neither of which are difficult to understand.

    The cut list and list of materials are also included in the plan.

    At the very bottom of this page at Decor and the Dog are related links like how to finish the farmhouse table, and how to paint the chairs you see in this picture.

    Free Farmhouse Dining Table Plan from Decor and the Dog

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    X Brace Farmhouse Table Plan

    farmhouse table

    Cherished Bliss

    This free farmhouse table plan features X braces on either side and a small industrial touch with a metal pipe reaching across the bottom of the table.

    The free plan includes step-by-step how-to instructions, a tool list, a materials list, parts and cuts list, and some extra tips.

    X Brace Farmhouse Table Plan from Cherished Bliss

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    DIY Pottery Barn Inspired Farmhouse Dining Table Plan

    A farmhouse table with benches in a dining room

    Shanty 2 Chic

    Here's a beautiful DIY farmhouse table that features a stunning table along with two benches. It's inspired by a Pottery Barn farmhouse table but only costs $100 to build.

    A PDF of the free plans includes diagrams, a cut list, a materials list, and building directions.

    DIY Pottery Barn Inspired Farmhouse Dining Table Plan from Shanty 2 Chic

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    Farmhouse Table Plan

    A farmhouse table in a dining room

    Ana White

    Ana White has done a great job putting together this plan for a farmhouse table. It's easy to follow because the instructions and illustrations are very easy to read.

    This table is 85 inches long and 30 inches high off the ground.

    In this plan are not only the instructions but also a full list of items you need to have to complete it, including the required tools.

    Farmhouse Table Plan from Ana White

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    How to Build a Farmhouse Table

    A farmhouse table in a dining room

    DIY Projects with Pete

    Here's another free farmhouse table plan, this one from DIY Projects with Pete. I like this plan because not only are there lots of pictures and notes, but an instructional video is also available.

    The table top for this particular table is 87 inches long and 46 inches wide.

    This plan also links to more information on building the matching benches.

    How to Build a Farmhouse Table from DIY Projects with Pete

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    Husky Farmhouse Table Plan

    A wide farmhouse table with flowers

    Ana White

    This is another free farmhouse table plan from Ana White but it takes on a much more rustic look than her other table plans.

    This table is 72 inches long and sits 30 inches off the ground.

    In addition to the shopping list, tools list, and instructions through the link above ​are a printer-friendly version and a PDF you can download.

    Husky Farmhouse Table Plan from Ana White

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    DIY Farmhouse Table Plan

    A dark wood farmhouse table


    This farmhouse table from HGTV is 96 inches long, 38 inches wide, and stands 30 inches off the floor.

    The step-by-step instructions include illustrations that are easy to read and understand, and all the materials you'll need are listed out for you, including the different cuts you'll need to make for the pieces.

    DIY Farmhouse Table Plan from HGTV

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    Free Farmhouse Table Plan

    Carpenter blowing dust from wooden plank
    Obradovic / Getty Images

    Instructables has this free farmhouse table plan available that shows you how to build the table in 5 steps.

    The plan starts off with explaining how to make the legs of the table and goes on to describe the base, tabletop, and finish. Real pictures are included with the steps.

    This farmhouse table is 72 inches long by 34 inches wide.

    Free Farmhouse Table Plan from Instructables

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    Modern DIY Farmhouse Table

    Picture of a farmhouse table outside

    Life Storage Blog

    If you have $300 to spare for a DIY 10-seater modern farmhouse table with a bench, then this is the woodworking plan for you.

    Check out the link below for more pictures and to find the list of supplies and tools that you'll need to build your own farmhouse table. Everything you see there is required to build the table and both benches.

    The plans use real images to make it easy to follow along with. So start with the tabletop and then move along with the steps to build the whole table yourself.

    Modern DIY Farmhouse Table from Life Storage Blog

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    Farmhouse Table Plan

    A farmhouse dining table with brown chairs

    Tommy & Ellie

    Tommy & Ellie have this free farmhouse table plan available that's for a 96x41 farmhouse table, but the cut list for a smaller 72x41 table is also available.

    Like most of the plans from this list, all the necessary materials that you'll need to build the table are listed in the plan. This plan also includes drawings of the pieces and their dimensions, along with written instructions and real images of the construction process.

    Farmhouse Table Plan from Tommy & Ellie

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    DIY French Farmhouse Dining Table

    A farmhouse table and a bench in a dining room

    Handmade Haven

    Handmade Haven has a great DIY farmhouse table plan that's the perfect cross between rustic, modern, and contemporary.

    The free plan includes diagrams, building instructions, a materials list, a cut list, and color photos to help you build it. 

    DIY French Farmhouse Dining Table from Handmade Haven

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    DIY Trestle Farmhouse Table

    An outdoor farmhouse table

    The Navage Patch 

    This 3-part series will show you how to build a DIY farmhouse table from beginning to end. It's topped with pressure-treated pine and cedar planks so you can even use it outside. This is a great-looking table that's going to look great on a patio, deck, or even right out in the yard. Everything you need to build it is here including diagrams, building steps, and lots of photos.

    DIY Trestle Farmhouse Table from The Navage Patch

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    DIY Farmhouse Table & Bench

    A farmhouse table with a bench

    Happiness is Homemade

    This project takes a new spin on a farmhouse table and bench plan. There are a lot of good tips on building the table and the bench including instructions on how to put together the bench cushion.

    DIY Farmhouse Table & Bench from Happiness is Homemade