25 Free Alphabet Cross-Stitch Patterns

Illustration of stitched letters

The Spruce / Danie Drankwalter

These free alphabet cross-stitch patterns are going to take your stitching to the next level. Now you can stitch your favorite quotes or sayings. If you design your own patterns, these alphabet charts can be used along with them to send your message. There are also several smaller fonts available here which would be perfect for signing your name and adding the date. You don't have to stick with one type of alphabet, either—don't be afraid to mix them up!

All of the patterns here include a chart with instructions on how to stitch the letters. Some include black-and-white symbols and color charts, while others might include a supply list and basic stitching instructions. Read on for plenty of alphabet cross-stitch options to find your preferred font and style, then get stitching!

Block Letter Alphabet

If you're looking for a basic cross-stitch alphabet block, this one should be the first one you look at. It includes both uppercase and lowercase letters as well as numbers, a slash, and a question mark. The tallest letter is 9 stitches tall.

Fancy Alphabet

Add a traditional flair to your next project with this free fancy alphabet cross-stitch pattern. This font is described as being between a san serif plan font and Old English. It has just enough flair to it that you could use it in a variety of traditional projects. These letters sit at 13 stitches high.

Mini Line Alphabet

The mini line alphabet is perfect for signing your projects or adding some understated text along with your design. French knots and back stitches are used in addition to cross stitches. Uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation are all included with this chart. All height and width info is included with this pattern so you can plan your chart.

Free Caption Maker

You'll get instant gratification from this alphabet pattern because you just input what you want to say, and then out comes the pattern for your caption. There are a whopping 91 fonts here to choose from, so there are all kinds of styles available! You get to choose the fabric count and font size, as well as the stitched width. Enter your text and then you have a custom pattern that you can use to start stitching immediately.

Old English Alphabet

Add some formality to your next cross-stitch piece with this Old English alphabet pattern. Thick letters with lots of decorative serifs make up this font. Uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as numbers, are included with this free cross-stitch font.

Patriotic Alphabet

This patriotic alphabet is meant to be stitched as a sampler but you could use the individual letters to create whatever you want. If you'd like to make a red, white, and blue version of the chart, there are directions on how to do that. A color chart and a black and white chart are included for your convenience.

Times Roman Alphabet

This is maybe the most classic of all the cross-stitch alphabets. Times New Roman is used to create this 14 stitches tall font. It includes uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and a few basic symbols.

Floral Alphabet

The floral alphabet adds a sweet little flower to every letter in this adorable cross-stitch alphabet. The chart includes uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and some basic symbols, although the flowers are only on the uppercase letters and numbers. Daisy stitches and back stitches are used in this alphabet pattern.

Romantic Alphabet

Romance is in the air with this beautiful floral alphabet that can be stitched along with a design or simply used on its own. Uppercase letters are included, and they all have custom vines and flowers growing around them. There's a color scheme that you can follow, or you can venture out on your own.

Stenciled Letter Alphabet

Get the look of stenciled uppercase letters with this free alphabet chart. Only whole cross stitches are used, making this a great alphabet for beginners, though there's only a basic chart available to show you where each stitch should go.

Colorful Alphabet

Uppercase letters are stitched in a four-color scheme of blue, red, orange, and green. Only basic cross stitches are used to make up the alphabet and it works best on 14- and 16-count Aida cloth. You'll be using two threads as you stitch with a color/symbol chart available for you to refer to.

Addicted Alphabet

The angled letters of this alphabet lends itself to modern and vintage designs. Cross stitches and back stitches are used to stitch letters, numbers, and punctuation. The uppercase letters are 10 inches high, with the lowercase letters being just 5 inches high.

Bright Alphabet

This free alphabet cross-stitch pattern uses lots of bright colors to create the letters. These are fun uppercase letters that would add some personality to any of your projects. This pattern includes a black-and-white symbol chart, a color chart, and a supply list, which includes what color threads you'll need to recreate the look.

Mixed Font Alphabet

There's a combination of 4 free alphabet fonts here, and you'll love each one of them. These are great for monograms, but you can also use them to write any text as part of your design or to sign your name. These are some unique fonts that you won't want to miss out on.

Back Stitch Capital Letters Alphabet

Create capital letters by using the back stitch in this free project. You'll be able to see just what technique is used to get the letters just right. Besides this chart, there are a few other free alphabet charts here, including back stitch lower case letters, cross-stitch capital letters, and cross-stitch lowercase letters.

Greek Letter Alphabet

Stitch up the Greek alphabet with this simple chart that's free to download. The pattern shows you just where you should make each cross stitch. This would be great to use to make something special for a new graduate.

Reproduction Alphabet

There are actually 7 free alphabet cross-stitch patterns here, and each is very well designed. The first alphabet chart is a simple chart that includes uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and numbers. The only type of stitch that's used is whole cross stitches.

Hebrew Alphabet

If you're in need of a Hebrew alphabet cross-stitch chart, then here's a free one for you. Each chart includes a preview and a download. Each download includes a wide variety of sizes for the font so you can stitch up something really small or really large.

Calligraphy-Style Alphabet

Create monograms with this free calligraphy cross-stitch pattern. These are made to fit individually in an 8-inch embroidery hoop when stitched up with 14-count Aida fabric. This would make a beautiful gift as a hoop or stitched up on something handmade.

Amsterdam Alphabet Generator

Here's another cross-stitch alphabet generator, but this one uses just a single font. Select which characters you need to include and a chart will be created for you. The basic height here is 5 stitches and the basic wide is 4 stitches.

Disney-Style Alphabet

A very magical font has been created here, and you'll love the bright flowy letters that are included. This would be great to stitch up on that very special gift for a little one.

Christmas Alphabet

A Christmas alphabet cross-stitch chart is here! It's got a Nordic vibe to it and, stitched up with teal and red, it looks both modern and vintage. Uppercase letters, as well as wreaths, are included in the pattern.

Arial Alphabet

The font Arial has been made into a cross-stitch chart that you can download for free. Only lowercase letters are used, making it a great-looking modern font that is just waiting for a sarcastic saying or two.

Monogram Alphabet

This is a simple monogram alphabet cross-stitch pattern that stitches up beautifully. This is a great beginner font because only cross stitches are used. Redraw squares to make your letters larger if needed.

ABC Alphabet

You'll love this playful alphabet that's created by Smart Cross Stitch. Uppercase and lowercase letters are available. You could even great an alphabet sampler with it, which would be great for a little one's room.