10 Hand Embroidery Patterns for Autumn Stitching

Fall embroidery pattern

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When autumn rolls around, it often means cooler temperatures, crunching leaves, and perhaps some stitching near the fireplace. Besides being a stress-relieving hobby, embroidery helps make clothing, furnishings, linens, and wall hangings. Jump into tackling some embroidery projects for fun or practical use.

What Is Embroidery?

Embroidery, particularly hand embroidery, is the art of using needle and thread stitching on fabric to make designs or decorative imagery. You can use embroidery floss, yarn, and other fibers using a variety of stitches on quilts, garments, and accessories. The finished project can also incorporate ribbons, beads, and buttons.

Here are many delightful patterns for fall. You'll find plenty of pumpkins and leaves and a harvest of other great designs. 

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    Autumn Blessings Free Pattern

    Autumn Blessings Pattern

    Fort Worth Fabric Studio

    This hand embroidery design from Fort Worth Fabric Studio wishes "autumn blessings" as the perfect way to ring in autumn. It's ideal for beginners because the pattern uses straightforward backstitch and French knots. The little pumpkin and wreath of leaves are simple but charming. And the finished stitchery would look fantastic framed and displayed in your home. 

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    Free Fall Leaf Embroidery Pattern

    Patterned Leaf Embroidery Pattern

    Cutesy Crafts

    The designs inside this fall leaf embroidery pattern from Cutesy Crafts may not be what you'll see in nature, but they are beautiful and the kind of thing you'll love stitching. The many detailed dots, dashes, and squiggles make for an excellent embroidery sampler. Just choose the stitches you want to master and work them in.

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    Pumpkin Spice Latte Embroidery Pattern

    Pumpkin Spice Embroidery Pattern

    Lovahandmade / Etsy

    One sure sign that autumn is coming is the arrival of pumpkin spice lattes. This adorable embroidery pattern from Lovahandmade features a seasonal greeting, leaves and acorns, cute accent stitching, and the ubiquitous cup of joe that rings in the fall holiday season. 

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    Vintage Scarecrow Hand Embroidery Pattern

    Vintage Scarecrow Embroidery Pattern

    French Knots

    The French Knots blog has an adorable scarecrow pattern if you like vintage embroidery patterns. The straw poking out of his coat would look great worked in a fern stitch, and the accompanying trees are designed for the blanket stitch. You might even try using the birds, trees, or a scarecrow as separate elements. 

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    Autumn Embroidery Pattern Set

    Autumn Embroidery Pattern Packet

    KimberlyOuimet / Etsy

    Kimberly Ouimet is a blogger and Etsy retailer who offers this PDF packet brimming with autumn embroidery patterns, including maple leaves, fall fruits, sunflowers, trees, and plenty of borders like the one you see here. Her designs always have a classic embroidery aesthetic, creating a style that blends vintage and modern. With 10 pages in this pattern set, you'll have many options for your autumn stitching.

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    Gourd Friends Pattern and More

    Gourd Friends Embroidery Pattern

    Wild Olive

    These happy gourd friends are as fun to look at as they are to stitch. The Spruce's Mollie Johanson shares the free pattern on her blog, Wild Olive. The downloadable PDF includes four other autumn embroidery patterns, some with cute faces and others without. 

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    Time for Thanksgiving

    Thankful embroidery pattern

    Cutesy Crafts

    Make time to add fresh Thanksgiving decor to your home with these designs from Cutesy Crafts. To make this, you will need a 7-inch hoop, natural-colored linen, and several floss colors. Turn this embroidered hoop into a wall hanging or combine it with other fall decorations on a fireplace mantel. This Thanksgiving design incorporates French knots, satin stitches, and fishbone stitches.

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    Thanksgiving Embroidery Set

    Give Thanks embroidery pattern


    Kimberly Ouimet has an embroidery collection of 11 pages of Thanksgiving patterns for a few dollars. It includes pumpkins, fall leaves, "Give Thanks" imagery, and words that evoke the fall holiday season, like "Gather" and "Thankful." These embroidery designs are perfect for table linens and seasonal home decor.

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    Free Collection of Hand Embroidery Designs for Autumn

    Pumpkin basket embroidery pattern

    Needle 'n Thread

    Mary Corbet from Needle 'n Thread offers nine free designs, including leaves, turkey, a scarecrow, wheat sprigs, and other harvest season imagery. If you're looking to elevate your formal Thanksgiving table setting, some of the designs are perfect for use on cloth napkins for an elaborate dinner party.

    Corbet suggests, "You can stitch them up with simple line stitches (perhaps in an autumnal variegated floss, to keep it really simple?), or you can go all out with fillings and color and all kinds of stitch selections."

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    Elevated Pumpkin

    Pumpkin embroidery pattern


    The pattern from this autumn pumpkin embroidery design from NaiveNeedle is a fresh take on a traditional pumpkin. The shapes are simple and elegant. The ombre effect from the colors of the embroidery floss makes this design feel modern and unique. This pattern comes with a tracing pattern, reversed tracing pattern, an embroidery scheme, illustrated stitch instructions, and a video tutorial link.