24 Easter Basket Ideas We Love

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Illustration: The Spruce / Chelsea Damraksa

Easter basket ideas come in all shapes and sizes. However, the best ideas somehow appeal to the one who will be receiving the basket, which in most cases is a small child.

When designing an Easter basket for or with a child, the basket must be cute, colorful, and functional (meaning it will hold tons of gifts and candy).

Look through this list of creative and do-able Easter basket ideas for some inspiration.

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    Turn an Easter Basket Into a Hot Air Balloon

    Easter basket ideas to try
    Caylin Harris

    What fun would Easter be without a little whimsy? It's perfectly practical for some chickadees to take a make-believe hot-air balloon ride around the house in search of some Easter eggs.

    Adorable DIY Easter Basket from The Spruce

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    Make a Picket Fence Using Popsicle Sticks

    Kleinworth & Co

    This Easter basket idea is a fun one to make with a child that is in either preschool or kindergarten. Although the basket might not turn out as much like a white picket fence as the one in the photo, you'll have a ton of fun making it.

    Picket Fence Easter Basket from Kleinworth & Co

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    Make a Bunny With Paper Printables

    Easter basket ideas
    The Craft Train

    If you have a lot of Easter baskets to make, this project is ideal. If you're brave enough, invite all of the neighborhood kids over for an Easter egg hunt or other games. Before the hunt begins, have the children fold up their basket using these printables.

    Printable Easter Bunny Baskets from The Craft Train

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    Fabricate a Simple Basket Into a Magical Unicorn

    Creative easter basket ideas
    The Keeper of Cheerios

    If your child is in grade school and has a thing for glitz and glitter, this unicorn basket transformation might be perfect for Easter. Purchase some stickers and glue-on accessories that a pre-teen would like and let him or her decorate one.

    Unicorn Easter Basket from The Keeper of Cheerios

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    Reuse Upcycled Fabric for a Colorful Easter Basket

    How to make a no sew easter basket
    Do-It-Yourself Danielle

    This Easter basket idea is perfect for crafters that have a ton of extra fabric around their craft room. Don't be afraid of unusual color combinations for a more eclectic look.

    How to Sew an Easter Basket From Upcycled Fabric from Do-It-Yourself Danielle

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    Create This Inexpensive Basket Using Felt

    Simple easter basket ideas
    Purl Soho

    Felt is an ideal material for Easter crafts. To make this simple basket, opt for thick wool felt that is at least 5 millimeters thick. Keep the bottom threading thinner and match it to the main felt. Then pick a thicker accent thread for the top detailing.

    Super Simple Felt Easter Basket from Purl Soho

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    Add a Ruffled Skirt for an Ultra Girly Look

    Sweet easter basket ideas to try
    Crazy Little Projects

    This simple fabric skirt is a less extreme version of the tutu Easter basket tutorials. Pick two or three fun fabrics to recreate this look. The best part about this tutorial is that it is a no-sew project. All you need is your fabric and a hot glue gun.

    Cute Ruffled Easter Basket from Crazy Little Projects

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    Learn How to Crochet a Chickadee Easter Basket

    How to crochet an easter basket
    The Lavender Chair

    This cute chickadee crochet basket is usable for Easter time but would also make a charming organizer in a small child's bedroom all year round. Also, this pattern can be modified to create a sheep or a bunny.

    Chickadee Easter Basket Crochet Pattern from The Lavender Chair

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    Repurpose an Old Stuffed Animal Into an Easter Basket

    Clever easter basket ideas
    The Idea Room

    If you have an unloved stuffed animal, consider turning it into a cuddly Easter basket by cutting a hole in the center and adding a liner. To make this project truly fit in with the occasion, consider using a bunny, chickadee, or duck.

     DIY Stuffed Animal Easter Baskets from The Idea Room

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    Turn the Candy Into the Basket

    Easter Basket Ideas
    Crafty Morning

    For slightly older children, this Easter basket idea will be a welcomed change from overly kiddish baskets. Turn all their treats into a basket of their own using larger boxed candies and a hot glue gun.

    DIY Candy Easter Basket for Kids from Crafty Morning

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    This Easter Basket Doubles as a Cute Purse

    Easter basket ideas
    Molly and Mama

    Need a cute gift idea for a little girl? Sew this bunny purse and use it as an Easter basket for little cost. Check out the floppy bunny ears and winking eyes.

    Sewing for Easter from Molly and Mama

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    Enhance a Simple Basket With Fresh Flowers

    How to make a beautiful easter basket
    Paper & Stitch

    This Easter basket may not last year-round, but it will make quite the impact on Easter morning. Instead of hiding this basket for your children to find, consider using it as a centerpiece on your Easter table instead.

    DIY Easter Basket With Fresh Flowers from Paper & Stitch

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    Personalize an Existing Easter Basket With Tags

    How to personalize an easter basket
    Lia Griffith

    If you already have Easter baskets, consider upgrading them by adding these elegant gift tags. The best part is you're able to customize the printable with names before printing them off.

    Printable Easter Basket Tags from Lia Griffith

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    Transform String Into an Easter Egg Basket

    Easter basket ideas to DIY
    HMH Designs

    This particular Easter basket idea is very popular on Pinterest. Though it seems like it would be hard to replicate, a little patience and attention to detail will go a long way on this one. Consider picking a theme or color for the best results.

    Make an Egg-Shaped Easter Basket From String from HMH Designs

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    Use a Theme for String Easter Baskets

    Easter Basket ideas
    Patty Dilday / Pinterest

    This minion idea is only one example of how you can transform the string egg Easter basket idea into a particular theme. The are dozens of options, but make sure you pick one that will resonate with a childĀ because perfecting this type of basket will take time.

    String Easter Basket Theme Ideas:

    • Little Mermaid
    • Frozen
    • Bunny
    • Minnie Mouse
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    Make Any Style Basket You Want With Custom Liner

    Boys easter basket diy ideas
    Eclectic Momsense

    If you're having a hard time figuring out how to make a fun Easter basket for the boy or man in your life, take a simple basket and add a fun liner. This tutorial will show you how to either sew or hot glue the basket liner, so it's perfect for any skill level.

    DIY Marvel Easter Basket Liner Tutorial from Eclectic Momsense

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    Construct a Bunny Toolbox Basket

    How to make a boys easter basket
    Ana White

    Woodworkers will enjoy this cute Easter basket idea because not only is it easy to make (with the right tools), it will function as a toolbox for your child for the rest of the year.

    Wood Easter Basket Bunny Shaped Trug from Ana White

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    Turn a Milk Carton Into a Functional Bunny Basket

    Easter basket ideas to try

    Recycling projects such as this one utilizing a gallon of milk are perfect to take on with your young children. Once you cut out the center hole, let your child decorate to his or her heart's desire. It may not be the most beautiful Easter basket, but it will be a really fun one.

     Bunny Milk Jug Basket from Dudley's

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    Create These Princess Baskets Using Crepe Paper

    How to make beautiful easter baskets
    Smile Mercantile

    These sweet Easter baskets may remind you of something fit for a princess. They are delicate and can be as glitzy and filled with flowers as you want them to be. Even if you don't use these smaller baskets for the main Easter egg hunt (because they are fragile), they will look great in photos of your child dressed in his or her Easter best.

    Crepe Paper Easter Baskets Tutorial from Smile Mercantile

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    Turn Something Else Into an Easter Basket

    Easter basket ideas
    I Heart Arts n Crafts

    If you completely forgot when Easter is this year and need a quick idea, consider utilizing something you already have, such as a pair of your child's rain boots. Honestly, almost anything that can be filled with candy (or non-sugar gifts) will be fun for a child to dig through.

    Rain Boot Easter Basket Idea from I Heart Arts n Crafts

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    Sew This Basket With Your Favorite Fabric

    Sewing Easter Basket Ideas
    Hawthorne Threads

    This is another fabric Easter basket pattern that's fun because it's relatively easy to make and should last for many Easters with the proper care.

    Easter Fabrics and Some Inspired Baskets from Hawthorne Threads

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    When in Doubt, Add Pastel Ribbon

    How to diy an easter basket
    Oh Happy Day

    These next few ideas might seem extremely simple but they will be of great use when lacking time and resources! For this project, take any old basket and add three pastel ribbons in varying colors and widths.

    Easter Baskets Three Ways from Oh Happy Day

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    Follow This Crochet Pattern for a Cute Easter Basket Idea

    Easter basket ideas
    Petals to Picots

    Here is another crochet pattern for an Easter basket. Unlike the chickadee from earlier, this basket has several floral decals and even has some crocheted Easter eggs. Make these baskets as gifts and put them on display with other Easter decor in your home.

    Spring Easter Basket Crochet Pattern from Petals to Picots

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    Use Construction Paper to Make These Colorful Baskets

    Make an easter basket using construction paper
    Merriment Design

    While construction paper might not seem durable, it is solid enough to hold small candies and Easter eggs. Help your child work on his or her motor skills by having him or her cut out specific shapes you need for these baskets (so long as your child is old enough to be using scissors safely).

    Easy DIY Paper Easter Basket from Merriment Design

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