35 Free Cross-Stitch Patterns for All Levels

Illustration of feather embroidery

The Spruce / Chloe Giroux

These free cross-stitch patterns will keep you stitching all year long. There's a wide variety of styles here, so there's something for everyone, whether you love traditional patterns or you only want to stitch up modern pieces.

The free cross-stitch patterns available here can work for everyone, no matter whether you're new to stitching or if you've been doing cross stitch for years. There are five basic stitches in cross stitch, but the most common stitch is the basic cross stitch. A beginner pattern would only use this stitch, while more advanced patterns would use the other stitches in addition to the cross stitch. Also, the size and number of thread colors used increases the difficulty of the pattern. That said, if you're a beginner and see a more challenging pattern that you'd like to tackle, go for it!

All the cross stitch patterns here include at least a chart, which is your key to stitching up the project. You may have a symbol chart and/or a color chart available. There may also be a supply list and a list of the thread colors used. Find your pattern of choice, gather your materials, and begin work on your next stitched project with this list of free cross-stitch patterns.


This pattern is so cute, but also so simple to stitch up. You'll only use three different thread colors to form the fruit, seeds, and stem. Here it's used to stitch up a jar lid. What a great idea for strawberry jam!

A cross stitched strawberry on a jar lid

Sum of Their Stories

Strawberry from Sum of Their Stories

Happy Planet

This is a very happy planet indeed! This is the perfect cross stitch for the beginner. It's quick to sitch up and only uses a few colors. After you've stitched it up, you'll want to tackle more!

A cross stitch pattern for a planet

The Spruce Crafts

Happy Planet from The Spruce Crafts

Pansy Bouquet

This pansy bouquet cross stitch pattern really pops when stitch up with black Aida cloth. Besides the chart, you'll also find a color key so you can stitch it up with the same colors if you'd like. Here are some tips for cross-stitching on dark fabric that you'll want to read before you dive in.

Pansies cross stitched on black cloth

Stitched Modern

Pansy Bouquet from Stitched Modern

Love Letter

This love letter will keep you smiling the whole time you're stitching it up. It's a bit of a bigger pattern, but still appropriate for the confident beginner. Besides using cross stitches, a back stitch and a French knot is used. Nothing very complicated, but it does take the pattern up a notch in difficulty level.

A blue and pink love letter cross stitch pattern

The Spruce Crafts

Love Letter from The Spruce Crafts

Rose Burlap Bag

This project proves that you don't have to just cross-stitch on Aida cloth. Here you'll take a burlap bag and cross-stitch on it to make a beautiful rose. This is an intermediate-level project because you're stitching on a fabric that's a little harder to work on.

A rose cross stitched burlap bag

Cutesy Crafts

Rose Burlap Bag from Cutesy Crafts

Mod Flowers

This free cross-stitch chart was designed especially for the beginner. There's an excellent video that goes along with the chart that tells you how to read the pattern and stitch it. The result is a beautiful modern hoop filled with orange flowers.

A woman holding an orange and green cross stitch hoop

Hailey Stitches

Mod Flowers from Hailey Stitches

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes is off to solve the next case in this free cross-stitch pattern from Stitch People. Just enter your email address, and you'll be emailed the free chart suitable for printing. This is a fun beginner course that even includes some videos on how to stitch it up.

A cross stitch of Sherlock Holmes

Stitch People

Sherlock Holmes from Stitch People

Plaid Rustic Animals

There are three free cross-stitch patterns here, and they form a nice little trio. You'll be stitching up plaid black and red silhouettes of a dear, bear, and a fox. These will take a little bit of time to stitch up, but the result is going to be eye-catching.

Three plaid red and black cross stitched animals

Briana K. Designs

Plaid Rustic Animals from Briana K. Designs

Initial Gift Tags

This is a beginner cross stitch pattern that anyone can stitch up. Use the free printable tags as a pattern for the initials you want to use. You then simply follow the pattern to fill in the cross stitches. These work great for the holidays but would also be so sweet for other occasions, like birthdays and Valentine's Day.

Gifts with cross stitch name tags on them

A Wonderful Thought

Initial Gift Tags from A Wonderful Thought

Scandi Bird

This cute little Scandi bird is surrounded by a heart in this cross stitch pattern. It's a sweet little cross stitch project perfect for the beginner. There's a wonderful companion video here that shows you how to read the pattern, make the basic cross stitch, and how to switch colors.

A cross stitch of a bird in a heart

Mindful Stitching Company

Scandi Bird from Mindful Stitching Company


Enjoy this free download of a pineapple cross stitch pattern. Besides the chart, you'll find the DMC thread colors listed and a supply list. This is great for a beginner, but since it's larger, the intermediate stitcher might really like it, too.

Pineapple from A Feathered Stitch


I just love this colorfully decorated elephant, and I think you will too. It's 48x40 stitches, so it's very quick to stitch up. It's a great beginner project that will get you used to changing thread colors. You can download a color and/or symbol chart to print.

Elephant from Cross Stitch Pattern


Enjoy a free PDF download of the unicorn cross-stitch pattern. You'll be creating an adorable rainbow unicorn in a fun variety of colors. You'll need to have a little experience in cross-stitching for this project due to the number of colors used and the fact that it's surrounded by a different stitch, the back stitch.

Unicorn from Mama Geek


You'll be stitching up a handful of different kinds of cacti for this cross-stitch project. This design is stitched up on 14 count Aida and uses 9 thread colors. It's a little more of an advanced project because the back stitch and French knots are also used.

Cactus from Craft With Cartwright

Wild Bouquet

This intermediate cross-stitch pattern features an image of a beautiful wild flower bouquet shown off in a blue vase. Just enter your email, and you'll immediately get access to the free pattern, which includes a color chart, symbol chart, and thread list and key.

Wild Bouquet from DMC


Advanced stitchers are going to enjoy stitching up this landscape of the Tuscany countryside. This is a huge chart that's broken down into 8 pages. Also included is a supply and thread list. Two strands of thread are used for each cross stitch.

Tuscany from Alita Designs

Mini Flip Flops

These mini flip flops are here to give you summer vibes. Stitch up this easy cross-stitch pattern in no time. You'll use normal cross stitches to make up the bulk of the design and then the back stitch is used to outline the shoes. A color and black and white chart are available, along with a DMC color thread list.

Mini Flip Flops from Catkin and Lillie

Sending Hugs

The perfect cross stitch to attach to a greeting card, this design sends hugs right through the mail. This cute-as-can-be design is great for stitchers of any skill level, although it's important to note that there is a back stitch that will need to be used for the writing and to outline the image.

Sending Hugs from Tangled Threads and Things


This free coffee cross-stitch pattern features everything you need and more to make a great cup of coffee. The download includes a symbol chart, as well as a legend and thread list. There is some backstitching in this pattern, so you'll need to have some basic cross-stitch knowledge.

Coffee from Cyber Stitchers


Perfect for the beginner, but still fun for the advanced cross-stitcher, this free chart will take your breath away. A colorful owl is looking wise and thoughtful and is all ready for you to stitch it up. It's 55x67 stitches, and there are five colors used.

Owl from Cross Stitch Pattern

Made With Love

Stitch up this quick little cross-stitch project, which goes along perfectly with something you've baked. It's a super-fast project and it really looks impressive. This is for the confident beginner because there's some basic backstitch involved.

Made With Love from Gathered

Lenten Rose With Blackwork Border

An actual rose has been used to create this lovely rose cross-stitch that includes a blackwork border. It uses a couple of advanced skills, making this chart perfect for an intermediate or advanced stitcher.

Lenten Rose With Blackwork Border from Amanda Gregory: Cross-Stitch Design

Tree of Life

This unique pattern is stitched on a colorful Aida cloth, like red or blue. This really makes the white thread you use pop against the background. Two strands are used on 14-count cloth.

Tree of Life from Alita Designs

Dinosaur Bookmark

Stitch three different types of dinosaurs to decorate a unique bookmark that kids and even adults will love. This project is quick, easy, and suitable for the beginner, or just someone wanting a fast project.

Dinosaur Bookmark from Craft with Cartwright

Matryoshka Doll

There's a nice handful of free modern cross-stitch patterns over at Tiny Modernist, but the one that will really catch your eye is this one of a Matryoshka doll with two birds. It's an adorable pattern and would be so much fun to make. Two strands of thread are used on 14-count Aida cloth to get the look.

Matryoshka Doll from Tiny Modernist


This realistic-looking cross stitch pattern shows off a refreshing glass of lemonade, complete with lemon slices, mint, and ice. Different but similar thread colors are used, which give the design a lot of movement. A color chart, symbol chart, and supplies list are all included in the free download.

Lemonade from DMC

Geometric Wolf

Download this free modern cross-stitch pattern of a geometric wolf. The pattern comes with a color chart and a list of threads you need to complete the project. Keep in mind that you can always change the colors of threads to make the design truly your own.

Geometric Wolf from Gathered


This free cross-stitch chart is for the advanced stitcher who's looking for their next big project. This is an image of a tropical bird and foliage. Bright rainbow colors make up the bird—in fact, there are 90 thread colors used here.

Harmony from Heaven and Earth Designs


Are you a tea drinker, or do you know someone who is? This cross-stitch would make a lovely gift for a friend and also look great hanging in your kitchen. A tea cup, cookies, lemon, and more are featured in this bright and fun cross-stitch pattern.

Tea from Cyber Stitchers

Garden Sampler

This adorable garden cross stitch sampler has images of an apple tree, gnome, bee, rainboots, yard towels, birdhouse, and more. This is a great project for a beginner who's looking to tackle a larger project that can be broken down into smaller pieces. A symbol chart, color chart, and legend are all provided as part of the free download.

Garden Sampler from Smart Cross Stitch

Flower Wreath

You'll use both the cross stitch and the back stitch in this pattern. There's a free color chart and symbol chart available so you can stitch to whichever one you prefer. Feel free to switch up the colors and make the flowers whichever shade you choose.

Flower Wreath from Smart Cross Stitch

Seaside Blues

Gorgeous colors of the ocean make up rows of shells, seahorses, fish, and anchors. It's a stunning piece that can be completed by anyone, even a beginner. Keep in mind that it's a bigger project and you'll want to have everything organized to keep your stitches in order.

Seaside Blues from Aurifil

Rainbow Butterfly

Great for a beginner, this rainbow butterfly cross-stitch pattern is just too cute. All different colors of thread are used to create a rainbow pattern. You'll just need to enter your email address to get the free download.

Rainbow Butterfly from Notorious Needle

Specialty Stitches

This is for someone advanced at cross stitch and looking for a way to practice or show off some advanced stitches. It's a huge project and really pops with the pink and green used in the original design.

Specialty Stitches from Lakeside Needlecraft

Scottish Thistle

Stitch up something a little bit different with this Scottish thistle cross-stitch chart. Shades of purple and green are used to give the flower depth and shading. It's a great project for anyone, from beginner to advanced levels.

Scottish Thistle from Albion Gould