Cross-Stitch Blogs You Should Be Following

Close up stitching red heart shape on white fabric on white background. With colorful yarn on background.
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The cross-stitch world has some amazing people in it. They are talented, funny, sweet, and giving. Lucky for us, a lot of them have created blogs to fill us in on their awesome stitchy lives. They share everything from their WIPs (work in progress) to free patterns and tutorials. Many blogs feature stitch alongs that you can participate in throughout the year. From conservative to cutting edge, there is a cross-stitch blog out there for everyone. Below is just a small sampling of some of the best cross-stitch bloggers out there.

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    Cross stitch sign that reads: If you can't explain it simply you don't understand it well enough. -Albert Einstein.
    Cloud Factory

    Cloudsactory is not your normal cross-stitch blog. It has tutorials, free patterns, and stitch alongs. You can also purchase patterns on the website, which is linked on its blog. Cloudsfactory offers up adorable patterns of pop culture figures and historical icons. Not only does it have posts about cross-stitching, but it also showcases framing tutorials.

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    Mr. X Stitch

    Banner of Mr. X Stitch that reads contemporary embroidery & needlecraft EST. 2008

    Mr. X Stitch

    Mr. X Stitch has taken the modern cross-stitch world by storm. He has given speeches, written articles, and shared his talents with people all over the world. More than just a blog, the website offers tutorials, inspiration from around the internet, and stitch alongs. It also touches on other aspects of the needlework world, not just cross-stitch. You can also get supplies through its partners. Just a small warning: some of the stitching featured is not suitable for work, so be careful of impressionable eyes.

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    Happiness Is Cross Stitching

    Banner for Happiness Is home pillow.Cross Stitching with examples of a stitched

    Happiness Is Cross Stitching

    Lynn at Happiness Is Cross Stitching is the sweetest person you will ever meet. She is constantly offering free patterns for you to stitch up. Her kitty cat patterns are well known throughout the cross-stitch community. She is currently sharing her Black Kitty Cat Calendar patterns for free. These kitty cats would make a great year-long stitch along. In addition to free patterns on her blog, she shares other websites that have free cross-stitch projects. She also shares a list of suppliers as well as tutorials to help you with your cross-stitching needs.

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    Connie Gee's Designs

    Completed cross-stitch design of circle shape.
    Connie G

    Connie Gee is the queen of tutorials. She is always willing to share information and free patterns. She also offers up stitch alongs and has patterns for sale in her Etsy shop. Her blog is a great mix of cross-stitch information and personal projects. It is so nice to see what she is working on and getting honest information about patterns and tutorials. You can also sign up for a newsletter that gives you the first look at what she is creating.

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    Subversive Cross Stitch

    Completed counted cross-stitch of a dollar sign in gold.
    Subversive Cross Stitch

    Maybe all the sweetness is too much for you. You need snark and sass. Subversive Cross Stitch has you covered for all of your wicked needs This cross-stitch ain't your grandma's! It is chocked full of cuss words and naughty bits. You can find so much more than just cross-stitch on her blog. She offers up free gift tags and the first look at her new coloring book. There are also tutorials and tips on being a cross-stitch activist.

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    Completed blue cross-stitch design that reads Christmas Greetings.


    Carol at iStitch has a fantastic blog full of patterns, tutorials, and stitch alongs. She has an advent stitch along that shows off a beautiful Christmas design. She offers contests from time to time so that you can win her magnificent patterns and other supplies. While the blog is on the lighter side, it is still full of good information and cross-stitching.

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Cross-stitch blogs range from traditional to more cutting edge. There is something out there for everyone. Make sure you find one, or several, to meet your cross-stitch needs and wants. These blogs are not only great for showcasing works of cross-stitch but also offer up free patterns, tutorials, and fun stitchy antidotes. Hopefully, this will inspire you to begin your own blog. It is a fun way to share your work, get your name out there and meet new friends. Happy Blogging!