9 Free Crochet Turkey Hat Patterns

Turkey Hat FREE Crochet Pattern
The Shtick I Do

What are you going to wear this Thanksgiving season? A turkey crochet hat will put a smile on anyone's face and smiles are always something to be thankful for! Maybe you can make one for everyone in the family and take a goofy family picture for your annual holiday card. Or perhaps you just want to make a turkey hat for a little turkey in your life; babies look adorable in animal crochet hats! Whatever your age, whatever your Thanksgiving style, one of these ten free crochet turkey hat patterns should be the right one for you!

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    Turkey Earflap Crochet Hat

    Turkey Earflap Hat FREE Crochet Pattern

    Lakeview Cottage Kids

    This turkey crochet hat from Lakeview Cottage Kids has earflaps so it will keep your head nice and cozy if the weather has turned cold where you live. It is also a super cute design and it's fun to make with the corkscrews it incorporates!

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    Newborn Turkey Hat

    Newborn Turkey Hat FREE Crochet Pattern

    The Stitchin' Mommy

    The Stitchin' Mommy created this free crochet hat pattern for newborns. Baby's first Thanksgiving will look as cute as can be when the pictures prominently feature this holiday crochet hat!

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    Adult Turkey Beanie

    Turkey Hat FREE Crochet Pattern

    The Shtick I Do

    Adults can get in on the Thanksgiving fun, too. The Shtick I Do offers this free crochet turkey hat pattern for a turkey beanie. This hat is perfect if you are running in a "turkey trot" race before the Thanksgiving meal.

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    Baby Crochet Turkey Hat

    Baby Turkey Hat Crochet Pattern

    Crafting For Christ

    This crochet baby hat pattern has instructions for various sizes ranging from preemie newborn to toddler. The instructions are clear enough that you could easily figure out additional larger sizes if you want to make this crochet hat for older kids as well.

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    Braided Earflap Turkey Hat

    Braided Earflap Turkey Hat FREE Crochet Pattern

    Cari Kessler

    Cari Kessler's child-size crochet hat pattern is a turkey earflap hat with an adorable orange pom on top and braids on the side. It's a Ravelry download free pattern.

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    Gobble Gobble Crochet Turkey Hat

    Gobble Gobble FREE Crochet Turkey Hat Pattern


    This crochet hat pattern also has braids but they are worked in brighter colors. There's a top that's similar to a pom pom but worked entirely differently from other styles. This hat pattern allows you to stretch your crochet skills and learn some new techniques.

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    Turkey Hat With Corkscrew Top

    Turkey Hat FREE Crochet Pattern

    My Creative Side

    This turkey hat crochet pattern from My Creative Side has braids, earflaps, and a corkscrew top. It's designed with instructions for every size from baby to adult, so you can make one for anybody! 

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    All Sizes Turkey Hat

    Turkey Hat FREE Crochet Tutorial


    This is a free video tutorial for a crochet turkey hat pattern that can be made in all sizes from baby through adult. Make one for everyone in the family and take that memorable holiday photo!

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    One-Year-Old's Crochet Turkey Hat

    One-Year-Old's Crochet Turkey Hat FREE Pattern

    The Birds and the B's

    If there's a twelve-month-old little one in your life then this turkey hat pattern is the perfect choice. The free pattern can be adapted to sizes about six months younger or older.

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