25 Creative Summer Crafts For Kids

a stained glass suncatcher made with paper and cellophane

Pretty Life Girls

On summer days when you're looking to escape the heat, there's nothing more fun than a crafternoon. From upcycling ideas to tie-dye, paper projects, and so much more, these 25 summer crafts for kids will keep them entertained and occupied. Plus, they should all require minimal supervision, so parents can bask in the glory of AC for a minute while the kids have fun: win-win.

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    A Paper Flower Wreath

    a paper flower wreath

    Lia Griffith

    This stunning garland of paper flowers can be made into a wreath or a pretty crown. It's easiest to make this with a cutting machine, but the tutorial offers a template you can cut out with scissors, too.

    Frosted Paper Fairy Wreath from Lia Griffith

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    Egg Carton Butterflies

    butterfly craft made out of an egg carton and pipe cleaners

    Nellie's Free Range

    Your empty egg carton will go through a metamorphosis and come out as this lovely butterfly. Paint, pipe cleaners, a cardboard carton, and maybe some glitter are all you need to make this whimsical summer creature.

    DIY Egg Carton Butterflies from Nellie's Free Range

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    Felt Watermelon Necklace

    a DIY felt watermelon necklace

    Let's Do Something Crafty

    These felt watermelon necklaces are the only accessory they'll need all summer. They're lightweight and cheerful, and they make sweet gifts (because kids will want to make more than one).

    Felt Watermelon Necklace from Let's Do Something Crafty

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    A DIY Flower Crown

    diy flower crown

    Made With Happy

    This gorgeous flower crown is made using silk flowers you can find at most craft stores. The bright pinks and oranges are so summery, but you can opt for a more muted or pastel palette, too.

    DIY Flower Crown from Made With Happy

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    A Cardboard Cactus

    Potted cactus made of cardboard

    The Merrythought

    This cardboard cactus looks summery and unexpected whether it's on its own or styled with other plants. Plus, it's a fun way to recycle.

    Cardboard Cactus from The Merrythought

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    Flamingo Ring Toss

    DIY flamingo ring toss game

    Sugar & Cloth

    This one's a win-win because they'll enjoy making the craft, and they'll love playing the game outside. Plastic flamingos never looked so chic, and you can spray paint the rings any colors you'd like.

    DIY Flamingo Ring Toss from Sugar & Cloth

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    Kinetic Sand

    purple DIY kinetic sand

    The Spruce / Nora Nalle

    Kinetic sand is an another great craft that keeps kids busy even after it's made. Adding cornstarch to your sand helps to bind it all together, and it's easier to clean off floors that typical sand, which is good because even on the hottest day you don't want your home to look (and feel) like the beach.

    Kinetic Sand from The Spruce Crafts

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    Bug Repellent Potpourri

    diy big repellent potpourri

    Sugar And Charm

    Keep bugs at bay, but make it charming. This floral, bug repellent potpourri is made using essential oils so it's natural and actually smells nice (at least to humans).

    Bug Repellent Potpourri from Sugar and Charm

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    Beaded Gecko Keychain

    a keychain in the shape of a lizard made of black and white beads

    The Spruce / Lisa Yang

    The beaded gecko keychain may look complex to make, but it's actually very beginner-friendly, and you can adjust the bead size based on age and experience (generally, bigger beads are easier for younger kids). There's a pattern to follow on the tutorial, too.

    Beaded Gecko Keychain from The Spruce Crafts

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    Embroidery Floss Artwork

    Embroidery floss artwork in wood frame

    Lia Griffith

    This embroidery floss artwork looks sophisticated and on-trend, and it's much less expensive than buying a piece of framed art. There's a template available in the tutorial, too, so you can recreate this exact image.

    Embroidery Floss Artwork from Lia Griffith

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    Three Easy Hair Clips

    three DIY hair clips made using beads and embroidery floss

    A Beautiful Mess

    Kids can keep the hair out of their eyes in a cool way with these three DIY hair clips that are simple to make. Plus, they'll love telling everyone who asks where they got these that they actually made them.

    Three Trendy Hair Clips from A Beautiful Mess

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    Watermelon Rocks

    rocks painted to look like watermelons

    Projects With Kids

    This easy and fun craft is perfect for days when the kids are antsy but parents don't want to pull out anything beyond paint. You could stick to all watermelon rocks or make a cute fruit family.

    Watermelon Painted Rocks from Projects With Kids

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    DIY Stained Glass Suncatcher

    a stained glass suncatcher made with paper and cellophane

    Pretty Life Girls

    Catch some rays on a hot summer with this stained glass suncatcher. It's made using both clear and colorful cellophane paper so you don't have to worry about working with glass around kids.

    DIY Stained Glass Suncatchers from Pretty Life Girls

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    Origami Cherry Blossom

    cherry blossom flowers made from colorful paper

    The Spruce / Harris Hui

    Make gorgeous summer flowers that will last all year. All you'll need is a square piece of paper and a little patience, but once they get the hang of the folds, making these paper cherry blossoms will become second nature.

    Origami Cherry Blossoms from The Spruce Crafts

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    DIY Rainbow Edge Stationery

    Stationary with rainbow border

    Studio DIY

    Perfect for writing letters to friends at camp, this rainbow-edged DIY stationery is unique and cool. It's super fun and easy to makeā€”just try to use high quality paper to avoid rips.

    DIY Rainbow Edge Stationery from Studio DIY

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    Unicorn Party Favor Cups

    unicorn party favor cups made with paper

    Growing Up Gabel

    Whether or not there's a party, these unicorn cups will be a hit. Kids can fill them up with treats, they can use them for drinking water, or you could even use these as the most majestic popsicle mold.

    Unicorn Party Favor Cups from Growing Up Gabel

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    A Patriotic Wreath

    a wreath made of paper clips in American flag style

    Home Crafts By Ali

    Get in the 4th of July spirit with this wreath that's made with painted clothespins and cut-out stars. You could put your own stamp on it by using bright summer colors or keeping one unpainted for a beachy look.

    DIY Patriotic Wreath from Home Crafts By Ali

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    Tie Dye Shoes

    Pink and purple tie dye shoes

    Swoodson Says

    Give classic white sneakers a groovy upgrade for the summer. The tutorial explains how to get the cool purple and pink ombre without staining the soles.

    DIY Tie Dye Shoes from Swoodson Says

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    Felt Ice Cream Ball Keychains

    key chains made of felt pieces that look like ice cream cones

    A Kailo Chic Life

    Keys get a whole lot sweeter with these felt ice cream cone keychains. Best of all, this craft is super easy and doesn't require much more than felt, a key ring, and hot glue (and a real ice cream cone for after).

    DIY Felt Ball Ice Cream Cone Keychains from A Kailo Chic Life

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    DIY Dome Earring Holder

    A dome earring holder made of clay

    Almost Makes Perfect

    Smaller earrings won't get lost thanks to this cute and functional dome earring holder made of polymer clay. The blush pink color adds a light and summery pop to any space.

    DIY Dome Earring Holder from Almost Makes Perfect

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    DIY Mini Mindfulness Garden

    a mindfulness sand garden made with rocks and dinosaur toys

    Mollie Johanson / The Spruce

    This DIY mindfulness garden is an easy way to feel a little calmer on a busy day. Kids will have fun decorating the scene with whatever they can find, from action figures to dolls, rocks, or animal figurines.

    Mini Mindfulness Garden from The Spruce Crafts

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    DIY Painted Pots

    terracotta pots painted white with floral print

    Casa Watkins Living

    Give your plants a chic upgrade with these painted planters. The colors and the abstract floral shapes give these a summery, boho look that make green plants pop.

    DIY Anthropologie-Inspired Painted Planters from Casa Watkins Living

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    Red, White, & Blue Wreath

    a red white and blue wreath made of skittles

    A Kailo Chic Life

    Who knew a wreath this stylish could be made of candy? The beaded texture is actually courtesy of Skittles; the brand makes an "America Mix" that contains these patriotic colors.

    DIY Red, White, And Blue Wreath from A Kailo Chic Life

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    An Egg Carton Lantern

    hanging lanterns made from egg cartons

    Nellie's Free Range

    These upcycled egg carton lanterns would look beautiful hanging from a porch or patio along with some string lights, and the bright colors with playful tassels give off major warm weather vibes.

    Upcycled Egg Carton Lanterns from Nellie's Free Range

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    DIY Polaroid Gift Set

    a gift set made using printed photos and polaroid frames

    Sugar & Cloth

    Tweens and teens will have a fun reason to print out their favorite Instagram photos thanks to this wooden Polaroid gift ideas. These are inexpensive and simple to make but they have a cool retro impact, and a magnet can be glued to the back so they can stick them to the refrigerator.

    DIY Wooden Polaroid Gift Set from Sugar & Cloth