Best Online Mosaic Classes

Foundations and Fundamentals at Mosaic Arts Online is our pick for all levels

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Best Online Mosaic Classes

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Online mosaic classes teach beginner to advanced students the techniques and methods to complete projects using this centuries-old art form. Some courses are live, instructor-led sessions where you can receive help on your project. Many other mosaic courses are pre-recorded video lectures that provide a step-by-step tutorial you complete at your own pace. 

Choosing the best online mosaic class depends on your abilities, interest, and budget. Many courses are created with beginners in mind, but some classes are suited for more experienced mosaic artists that are looking for a new project and fresh inspiration. You can also find mosaic classes with a kit if you’re unsure what materials you need or you want all the necessary materials for your next mosaic project.

The Best Online Mosaic Classes of 2022

Best Overall: Foundations and Fundamentals at Mosaic Arts Online

Foundations and Fundamentals at Mosaic Arts Online

Foundations and Fundamentals at Mosaic Arts Online

Why We Chose It: A bundle of 10 classes plus an online community of mosaic artists makes Foundations and Fundamentals, offered via Mosaic Arts Online, an excellent learning resource.

  • Pay monthly for course and community access

  • Access 10 individual classes

  • Offers monthly live, in-studio Q&A sessions

  • No lifetime course access

More than a single online mosaic class, Foundations and Fundamentals offers the opportunity to learn about mosaic art with access to 10 individual courses. These mosaic classes are self-paced, with video content from mosaic artist Tami Macala. Various projects are highlighted in the courses, with supply lists available. Beginner mosaic artists will especially appreciate classes on subjects like tools and cutting techniques, choosing substrate material, and understanding mortar and grout. 

Regardless of skill level, an advantage of the Foundations and Fundamentals mosaic course is the community interaction. While classes are pre-recorded, membership grants you access to an online community of mosaic artists and additional learning content. You can take advantage of monthly live studio sessions with Tami Macala, ask questions in the forum, and receive feedback on your art. The course and community are part of Mosaic Arts Online, a platform that houses many different online mosaic classes.

Start with a membership to Foundations and Fundamentals for $30 a month to learn the basics and connect with other new and aspiring artists. Then challenge yourself with dozens of other mosaic courses online as your skills and abilities grow. While Foundations and Fundamentals is a monthly membership, many other mosaic classes on the platform offer lifetime access.

Best for Beginners: Kasia Mosaics

Kasia Mosaics

Kasia Mosaics

Why We Chose It: Choose from simple but appealing projects as you take one of Kasia Mosaic’s beginner mosaic classes, which are pre-recorded and self-paced. 

  • Learn at your own pace

  • Lifetime course access

  • No option to purchase supply kit

  • Limited project options

Learn the basics of mosaic art while completing your first project with the help of Kasia Mosaic’s beginner-friendly classes. Each class is divided into video lectures, which you can play, pause, and re-start at any time. If you’re just learning to use tools, like tile nippers or wheel cutters, you may appreciate being able to pause the lesson and take your time completing each step. In addition, Kasia teaches the front-mounting (or taping) method of mosaic art, which can be easier to learn than techniques that require adhesion as you go.

There’s no rush to complete this online mosaic class for beginners since you’ll have lifetime access once you pay for the class. Normal costs range from $150 to $225, but the courses can be bought for $50 to $125 on sale. Keep in mind that a supply list will be provided, but you’ll need to find and purchase your own materials. 

Since many beginners enjoy learning from others, Kasia Mosaics also offers a Facebook community. Class enrollment also provides membership to the group, where you can share your progress and projects and engage with other students. 

Best for Live Classes: Chicago Mosaic School

Chicago Mosaic School

Chicago Mosaic School

Why We Chose It: Led by an experienced teacher and mosaic artist, the online classes available from the Chicago Mosaic School offer real-time instruction on a variety of techniques.

  • Opportunity for assistance and feedback

  • Choose from a variety of class projects

  • No policy for make-up classes

  • No recorded sessions available

If you’re looking for the opportunity to learn from a live teacher, consider the various mosaic workshops offered by the Chicago Mosaic School (CMS). The first not-for-profit mosaic art school in the United States, CMS was established in 2005. Today, you can take various classes and workshops including beginner-friendly options like mosaic jewelry making or the three-week introduction class offered in Online Mosaic I. More advanced students will appreciate courses like Online Andamento Drawing with Sue Giannotti, an accomplished mosaic artist and former board member of The Society of American Mosaic Artists.  

When booking, you’ll have the option to choose the date and time that fits your schedule. Keep in mind that instruction is live, so be sure to show up with your materials and a readiness to participate. Some materials are included and others you must buy yourself. Classes are small enough that you’ll be able to receive feedback and ask questions. The cost for CMS mosaic workshops runs from $65 to $495. 

Best for Variety of Projects: Learn Fine Arts

Learn Fine Arts

Learn Fine Arts

Why We Chose It: Choose from different project categories, including flowers, landscapes, and abstract designs, in these online mosaic classes taught by artist Yulia Hanansen.

  • Lifetime access to curriculum

  • Courses are self-paced

  • No option to purchase supply kits

Learn Fine Arts offers self-paced online mosaic classes with a variety of project themes and a focus on technique. Students can create a colorful peony or iris flower, learn about aerial perspective with a landscape mosaic, or practice the direct method while creating a bright mosaic of lemons. An abstract mosaic class is available for intermediate or advanced artists that want to explore freeform shapes and experiment with tesserae materials and color. Courses are priced individually, and many of them cost $249.

All of the Learn Fine Art courses are taught by Yulia Hanansen, who has been a mosaic artist and teacher since 2001. These mosaic classes are pre-recorded, so you can master each step at your own pace. You’ll have lifetime access to the course and can revisit the content at any time.

Best with a Kit: Zetamari Mosaics

Zetamari Mosaics

Zetamari Mosaics

Why We Chose It: With Zetamari Mosaics, you can choose from various courses and learn to create a mosaic mirror, with all supplies shipped straight to your door. In addition, it offers kits to make mirrors of various sizes and also includes an option to make color requests. 

  • Option to request various color themes

  • Projects vary in size and price

  • Offers both live and video-based courses

  • Projects only include mirrors

One of the simplest ways to get started with this type of art is to sign up for a mosaic class that includes a kit. Zetamari Mosaics offers a variety of courses that include materials shipped straight to your door. This is a great option for beginners who may not be sure what they need to get started with mosaics, and a plus for more experienced artists who want the convenience of a kit. 

Mosaic classes from Zetamari include both live, instructor-led workshops and video-based classes. Choose the option that works for your schedule and the project that fits your interests and budget. A live workshop with artist Angie Heinrich, who runs Zetamari Mosaics, spans about five and six hours, but guides you step-by-step in making a beautiful mandala mirror. If you don’t have the better part of a day or the budget for the live workshop, take Zetamari’s video-based class and learn to make a jeweled mosaic mirror for your home. Classes start at $325 with supplies, but you can also opt for instruction only, which costs $195. 

Best Instructional Series: Beginners Mosaic From the London School of Mosaic



Why We Chose It: Starting with the basics, this online mosaics class from the founders of the London School of Mosaics equips students with an understanding of how to find materials, use essential tools, and complete a mosaic project using the indirect method. 

  • Lifetime course access

  • Start and stop video lectures

  • Complete two projects

  • No opportunity to ask questions

Beginner’s Mosaic: Indirect Method is an Udemy course that will give you a progressive way to learn mosaic art. Rather than diving right into technique and tools, the class starts with an overview of how to source mosaic art materials before walking beginners through two projects using the indirect method. The course is divided into short, digestible lectures totaling two and a half hours of video. Students will make two mosaics during the course, and there are six downloadable resources students can use for future reference. 

This Udemy mosaics course is taught by the founders of the London School of Mosaics. While you won’t have the opportunity to ask questions or receive feedback on your work, you can always pause the lecture to work through challenges that might pop up. This online mosaic course gives you lifetime access, making it a useful resource even after you’ve completed the class.

Most Affordable: Introduction to Mosaic Artwork by Gary Drostle



Why We Chose It: Learn to make a mosaic using the paper-face (indirect) method with hours of video instruction from mosaic artist Gary Drostle. Besides being budget-friendly, the course also gives students lifetime access.

  • 19 video lessons

  • Lifetime course access

  • Affordable

  • Single project focus

  • Offline viewing only available in the Domestika app

Domestika is a learning mecca for all sorts of crafts and mosaic art is no exception. Introduction to Mosaic Artwork by Gary Drostle is big on instruction and value. This budget online mosaic class is about $59.99 regularly, but Domestika frequently runs sales that have lowered the price to as little as $10.99. 

In the pre-recorded video course, students create a mosaic using the indirect method. The focus of the project is a koi pond mosaic and instruction is provided on how to use it for a tabletop. There are nearly four hours of video instruction and eight additional resources. Domestika also grants students lifetime course access after enrolling, so you’ll have plenty of time to make the most of this detailed and thorough mosaic class. 

Final Verdict

Start or advance your interest in mosaic art by choosing an online course that fits your schedule and matches your interests. When considering any class, first, preview the curriculum or course objective. Then, check out a supply list or see if the course offers a kit to make gathering supplies easy. You should look for an online mosaic class that teaches skills you can use on future projects and offers practical resources. 

The Foundations and Fundamentals course from Mosaic Arts Online is a course bundle that will encourage and challenge you to grow your art skills. A unique feature included with the monthly enrollment is participation in the site’s online student community. Progress through the online mosaic classes that are part of the package as quickly or slowly as you need to; the monthly fee allows total flexibility and puts you in charge of your budget for learning mosaic art.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Learn in an Online Mosaic Class? 

The objective of each class should be made clear from the course description. Usually, beginner online mosaic classes will cover basic techniques (either the direct or indirect method) and how to use tools like a tile nipper and glass cutter. Most courses also cover how to grout your finished mosaic project. 

More advanced online mosaic classes might focus on specific types of mosaic art, like smalti, or teach advanced design and drawing for mosaics—known as andamento. Other courses focus less on fundamentals and teach simple strategies to create a basic mosaic project, suitable for casual artists that aren’t concerned with a technical approach to mosaics. 

Are Online Mosaic Classes Good for Beginners?

Taking an online mosaic class can be a fun and instructive way to learn this art form. Live, instructor-led online mosaic classes usually have limited participants and allow the opportunity to ask questions or get feedback.

Pre-recorded mosaic classes can be a great option for beginners, too. These classes may not have interaction with the instructor or students, but they offer the ability to pause or stop the lecture at any time. This helps new students of mosaics work at their own pace and schedule. 

Are Online Mosaic Classes Expensive?

The cost of online mosaic classes is more expensive on average than some other online craft classes and there are virtually no free courses available. However, there are budget classes that cost under $50 and provide lifetime access for students. Many mosaic classes cost between $125 and $250, depending on the complexity of the course and the project. 

What Do I Need to Take an Online Mosaic Class? 

Every mosaic class on our list includes a supply list or provides a materials kit. Check the supply list for the class you’re considering, but these are the basic items you’ll need to complete a mosaic project:

  • Board (to build your mosaic on)
  • Tesserae (glass tiles, slate, or other material for the design)
  • Tile nippers
  • Glass cutters
  • Hammer
  • Adhesive 
  • Grout 
  • Gloves
  • Safety glasses

How We Chose the Best Online Mosaic Classes

To find the best online mosaic classes, we considered both live and pre-recorded classes. Courses were evaluated based on their project focus and methodology, availability, and cost. We also considered whether a class offers a single project or multiple options to fit a range of student interests. In addition, we spoke with Rachel Davies, the Chair of the British Association for Modern Mosaics and an artist-owner of a mosaics studio located in Scotland. She recommended the Mosaic Arts Online learning platform, along with individual courses taught by mosaic artists in the UK and U.S.