The Best Crepe Paper for Flower Making and More

The Fiesta Crepe Paper by Recollections is our top pick

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Crepe Paper Flower

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Whether you’re making party streamers or a vibrant bouquet of paper flowers, high-quality crepe paper is a must for any paper craft project.

We researched dozens of crepe paper options from the best craft suppliers, considering everything from color options, paper weight, and overall quality, plus size and value to find the best crepe paper for florals, party decor, and more. Our top pick, the Fiesta Crepe Paper by Recollections, comes in a variety of color options—including a couple of greens for leaf making—is made of high quality and makes crepe paper flowers a breeze to create.

Here are our top choices for the best crepe paper.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall

Fiesta Fiesta 12" x 12" Crepe Paper by Recollections

Fiesta 12" x 12" Crepe Paper by Recollections


What We Like
  • Variety of color options

  • Great size per sheet

  • Ideal for floral making

What We Don't Like
  • Not great for making streamers

Our top selection for the best crepe paper is the Fiesta Crepe Paper by Recollections, which you can purchase from Michaels. While the paper isn’t ideal for making paper streamers, this is an excellent choice for making beautiful floral arrangements with its ultra-high quality paper and variety of color options. And while the paper sheets aren’t the largest on our list, they are a great size per sheet for many projects.

Best Pastels

Just Artifacts Pastels Assorted Crepe Paper Rolls

Just Artifacts Pastels Assorted Crepe Paper Rolls

Just Artifacts

What We Like
  • The sheets are extra large

  • Beautiful color scheme

  • Budget-friendly

What We Don't Like
  • Not ideal for smaller projects

When it comes to crepe paper crafts, color options are important. For the best pastel color option, we love this collection of paper rolls from Just Artifacts. For the price point, the paper is good quality and high value, and it features five stunning colors, including baby blue, light green, lilac, soft yellow, and millennial pink. This is also a great choice for larger projects as the paper rolls are 2.5 meters in length. However, those making smaller projects might feel like it’s too much paper for their craft.

Best for Flowers

Lia Griffith Extra Fine Crepe Papers Enchanted Garden

Lia Griffith Extra Fine Crepe Papers Enchanted Garden


What We Like
  • Lots of colors

  • Extra fine paper

  • Paper has a lot of stretch

What We Don't Like
  • Limited weight variety

When putting together a bouquet of crepe paper florals, you want some good color options—and this Enchanted Garden collection from Lia Griffith delivers. Beyond that, we love that the paper is extra fine and has a lot of stretch, which is excellent for floral making. While we wish there were more options in terms of paper weight, this package of crepe paper rolls features the best weight and size for flower making.

Best Streamers

Coceca Crepe Paper Streamers

Coceca 12 Rolls Crepe Paper Streamers


What We Like
  • Great value

  • High quality

  • Vibrant colors

What We Don't Like
  • Limited colors

If you’re making streamers, you want crepe paper rolls that are the right size, high quality (especially if you plan on twisting them), and available in fun and vibrant colors. This package of 12 crepe paper streamer rolls from Amazon meets all the requirements. Perfect for straight and twisted streamers alike, the streamers are great to have on hand for any party decorating occasion. Our only wish for this choice is that there were more colors in the pack.

Best Color Scheme

Lia Griffith Heavy English Garden Crepe Paper Pack

Lia Griffith Heavy English Garden Crepe Paper Pack

Paper Source

What We Like
  • Super malleable paper

  • Durable

What We Don't Like
  • No green paper

There’s no need to purchase crepe paper colors separately when beautiful color schemes like this one from the Lia Griffith collection exist. We love the color options, and despite the heavy and durable paper, it’s incredibly malleable.

While there is a great variety of color choices in this collection, the one thing we don’t love is that green is missing from the pack, so you’ll need to purchase that separately if you plan on making some leaves for your floral arrangement.

Best Kit

Lia Griffith Roses Crepe Paper Flower Kit

Lia Griffith Roses Crepe Paper Flower Kit

Paper Source

What We Like
  • Beginner-friendly

  • Makes enough for a small bouquet

  • Comes with a mix of weights

  • Comes with a flower pattern and video tutorial

What We Don't Like
  • Doesn’t include all supplies

If you’re new to crepe paper crafts, a kit is a great place to start. We love this floral arrangement kit because it comes with all the paper, plus the patterns and video tutorials necessary to create a beautiful arrangement of six flowers and six buds from double-sided crepe paper. The kit also includes a mix of weights, so you can get familiar with working with different types of thicknesses.

If you decide to go with this kit, make sure to read up on the additional supplies needed, as it doesn’t come with some required materials such as hot glue, wire cutters, green paper cutter wire, and more.

What to Look for in Crepe Paper


According to Anna Olsen, a Crafted Content Trend Lead at JOANN, you’ll first want to identify the project you want to create. "This will dictate what type of crepe paper is best for that specific project,” she says. Once you have that squared away, the first thing you want to look for is the crepe paper's weight to ensure that it meets the required weight of your project.


In addition to weight, you want to consider the colors you’ll need for your project. Some crepe paper colors are sold separately, while others come in a pack of different colors or a color scheme.


The amount of crepe paper is also important, especially if you have a specific project in mind. Olsen agrees: "Being mindful of the quantity will best support the success of your crafted project." This guarantees a smoother process without any interruptions or discrepancies in the paper you use.

  • What is the difference between Italian crepe paper and normal crepe paper?

    “Crepe paper is coated and texturized tissue paper,” says Olsen. “Italian crepe paper is a high-quality thick, heavyweight crepe paper,” she adds, noting that the heavier the weight of crepe paper, the thicker it will be.

  • Is crepe paper stronger than tissue paper?

    “Crepe paper is stronger than tissue paper due to its texture,” Olsen explains. “To create the wrinkled aesthetic of crepe paper, the tissue base of crepe paper is coated with sizing, which creates that texture,” she adds, explaining how this is what makes crepe paper more durable than regular tissue paper.

  • What is the best paper weight for paper flowers?

    When it comes to flower making, Olsen recommends using lighter-weight crepe paper. “The durability of a heavier weight paper will prevent simple tears; however, crepe paper that is too thick will be difficult to twist, curl, and manipulate,” she explains. “A paper around 60-80 grams is lightweight, flexible, and perfect for flower making,” she adds.

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