The 11 Best Craft Kits for Adults in 2022

Everything you need for your next DIY project in one box

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Crafting is a relaxing and satisfying activity. Progress may be slow or speedy, but for any craft, there’s a thrill of creation and the tactile pleasure of working with wood, yarn, or other materials. But of course, getting started on a craft project can be challenging, particularly if you aren’t familiar with the underlying skill (knitting, painting, and so on) or you don't have the tools needed. 

That’s where kits come in handy: They supply all the materials, as well as the instructions, needed to complete the project. Plus, once you’ve finished a kit, you have something concrete and tangible to display, wear, or admire.

Take a look at some recommended craft kits to help you while away your weekends.

Our Top Picks

Topwoozu 5D DIY Diamond Painting Kit

5D DIY Diamond Painting Kit

Courtesy of Amazon

Calling all patient crafters who enjoy detail work! With this Diamond Painting Kit, you’ll use a special pen (included in the kit, of course) to pick up tiny diamond shapes and stick them onto the canvas. Slowly and surely, this will build a beautiful piece of artwork. You’ll likely find the process both relaxing and satisfying, especially if you include a great playlist or an audiobook.

Once the project is complete, you can roll up the canvas you’ve created—or you can frame it and hang it in your own home (or give it to someone else as a present). The finished canvas will be 11.8-inches square. The kit comes with the canvas backing, diamonds, a key for where to place them on the canvas, adhesive, and so on.

We Are Knitters Loopy Bubble Weaving Kit

Loopy Bubble Weaving Kit

Courtesy of We Are Knitters

This weaving kit from We Are Knitters comes with everything you need to make a vibrant, delightfully textured, colorful wall hanging. It's suitable for beginners who may not have used a loom since potholder crafts in elementary school. Each kit comes with all of the wool yarn you’ll need for the project, a pattern, needle and label, a dowel, and a loom—note that the loom does not come assembled, so you’ll need to put it together once the kit arrives. 

When you order, you can select each of your yarn colors, choosing from several options. Plus, if you have a loom already or you decide to make another wall hanging after this one, kits can be ordered without the loom, too.

Uncommon Goods Springtime Paint-by-Number Kit

Springtime Paint-by-Number Kit

Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Oh, to be an artist, standing at the banks of the Seine in Paris, with brilliance spilling from your paintbrush. If that seems a bit our of reach right now, but you still love the idea of painting, a paint-by-numbers kit is ideal. 

This Springtime Paint-by-Number Kit offers up a scene, along with precise instructions for how to paint it. The kit comes with a pre-printed background, paintbrushes, and paint. All you’ll need to do is follow the instructions, and you’ll have created a gorgeous, vintage-inspired work of art, suitable for hanging. According to the website, the project will take up to five hours to complete.

The Sill DIY Terrarium Kit

DIY Terrarium Kit

The Sill

With this kit, you can create your own terrarium, creating a small landscape that suits your aesthetics. This kit—from the plant pros at The Sill—comes with everything you need to get started: succulents, cacti mix, rocks and sand, instructions, and of course, a glass bowl to contain it all. 

Once you’ve planted and designed your terrarium, the upkeep is minimal and you can enjoy this small green space that you’ve created on a desk or bookshelf.

LostPropertyHongKong Coil Rope Bowl

Coil Rope Bowl

Courtesy of LostPropertyHongKong

You’ll be surprised by how quickly you can create a stylish coil rope bowl with the help of this kit. It includes the supplies you’ll need—such as rope, cotton string, and a needle—along with easy-to-follow instructions. 

You can select both your rope and twine colors. The materials in the kit are high quality, and once you’ve mastered the craft, you can easily visit a craft store (online or in person) to pick up additional supplies, so you can make more bowls—or baskets or coasters—with the same technique.

Aesthetic Creative Store Macrame Plant Hanger Kit

Macrame Kit

Courtesy of Aesthetic Creative Store

Think of macrame as a grown-up version of friendship bracelets, since the skill also relies on making knots. (That said, making friendship bracelets is fun regardless of age!) 

This macrame kit has enough materials for you to make three hanging plant holders—it includes cord, wooden beads for decorative touches, a ring, and instructions. In addition to the clear written instructions, video instructions are also available if you need to see the process in more detail. 

Anna Joyce Ice Dye Kit

Ice Dye Kit

Courtesy of Etsy

There’s no escaping the popularity of the tie-dye trend. With this kit, you can get in on the action, using ice to make gorgeous patterns with fiber reactive dye. The kit comes with everything you need to get started: a bandana, pattern ideas and instructions, and your choice of colors for the dye. All you’ll need to supply is gloves, so your hands don't get coated in the vivid colors. 

Once you’ve dyed the bandana included in the kit, you can take on other projects (t-shirts, pillow covers, and so on). You can do this craft solo, but it’s also ideal for outdoor parties and get-togethers with friends.

Reinary Embroidery Kit

Embroidery Kit

Courtesy of Etsy

Take up embroidery with beautiful results that you can use every day. With this kit, you’ll embroider a canvas tote bag. You can choose which flowers you want to add when you order (note that some of the designs are more challenging than others to make). 

The kit comes with all the supplies you’ll need, including an embroidery hoop and thread, the tote bag, embroidery needles, and instructions. You’ll just need to supply a pair of scissors.  The pattern is stamped on the tote bag, so you can follow along as you stitch. You’ll use a variety of knots on this project, which will help you learn and get comfortable with new types of stitches.

Wool and The Gang Isobel Hat Easy Knitting Kit

Isobel Hat Knitting Kit

Courtesy of Wool and The Gang

If you’re new to knitting, hats and scarves are the classic started projects. Not only are they beginner-friendly, but when you complete them,  you’ll have a functional and beautiful garment to help keep you warm. 

This Wool and the Gang knitted hat kit is classified as easy, and will take roughly eight hours to complete. A beginner knitter can take on this project, but it might be best for a second, not first, project. The kit comes with yarn, knitting and sewing needles, a label, and a pattern with all the details you’ll need to make the hat.

handmadeisheartmade Gems Quilt Kit

Gems Quilt Kit

Courtesy of Etsy

Making a quilt can be an intimidating project. This kit removes some of the steps: For instance, you won’t need to choose fabrics or select a design. Instead, you can follow the provided pattern, and choose from several color schemes. 

The finished product will be a showstopper. It’s 62 x 72 inches, and you can use it on your bed, or hang it up like an art piece. While the quilt will have that cozy, home-spun look you want from a craft project, the design is modern and bright.

DilaBee DIY Melt and Pour Soap Making Kit

DIY Soap Making Kit

Courtesy of Amazon

You can master making soap at home with help from this kit, which steers you through the steps involved in the process. The kit includes the materials you’ll need, such as a soap base, scents, dyes, molds, stirring sticks, and more. 

The kit comes with two different soap molds, so you can make soap in different shapes. The soap you make at home makes for a great present, and the soap gift boxes included in the kit will make it easy for you to share these soaps with loved ones.

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